The 2-year-old baby was diagnosed with tympanic membrane perforation and bleeding, and his hearing was greatly reduced! It was caused by the mother often doing this

For female friends with obsessive-compulsive disorder and cleanliness, there are also hidden dangers in the daily care of themselves or their babies!Not long ago, a 2-year-old baby was diagnosed with tympanic membrane perforation and bleeding, and his hearing was not as old as that of a baby. The source of all the consequences came from her hygienic mother. What did she do to the baby?

This child is called Niuniu and is 2 years old this year. Her mother, Meimei, is a very clean person in her life. Her mother-in-law and husband commented on her that she is too clean. You must change home clothes to sit on the bed or sofa when you go home. This is the habit, and it is the same for her when she is a child, presumably a mother will dig her ears for the baby, but she must have a degree!

Meimei was very patient when she took out her child’s ears. She insisted on taking it out no matter what the child was crying or making trouble. Recently, she discovered that there were blood scabs on the child’s ears, and her family told her that the child would sometimes ignore it, so she took it with her. After the examination, the result showed that the baby’s hearing was greatly reduced. The doctor diagnosed the child as a perforated tympanic membrane and bleeding. After learning the details of her daily care, the doctor angered her that she should not try to dig out her ears uncontrollably!

Because the baby is young and the ear nerves are in the developmental stage, and the external auditory canal or tympanic membrane is often stimulated, there will be congestion after stimulation of the part, and the common conditions will be accompanied by pus and blood. Therefore, it is not wise to take out your ears frequently. It is important to take care of it carefully and not to do too much. Parents who do this again should pay attention to seek medical treatment in time if abnormal conditions occur. After all, hearing is very important!

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