Family and friends’ care and help for hearing aid wearers

When fitting hearing aids, experts found that many family members and friends of hearing-impaired people mistakenly believe that they can get normal hearing by wearing hearing aids. They hope hearing-impaired people can get immediate results after wearing hearing aids and solve long-standing problems.In fact, wearing a hearing aid is only the beginning of the hearing rehabilitation process.

To become a successful hearing aid wearer requires a lot of effort, including getting used to new sounds and changes in timbre, as well as re-establishing self-confidence in communication.Friends and family members should be considerate of the efforts made by people with hearing loss to overcome communication difficulties, and help them overcome the difficulties gradually in order to give them great help.

Ways to help hearing aid users talk easily include:

1.Let the user concentrate before conveying the message.

2.Face the hearing loss patient whether you stand or sit down.

3.Speak clearly and do not mouth foreign objects such as food or cigarettes, which will affect the patient’s ability to see the shape of the mouth.

4.Use gestures and facial expressions to help understand.

5.Reduce background noise when necessary (for example, turn off the TV or radio sound, or close the door to reduce noise).

6.Avoid talking to multiple people at the same time.

7.In restaurants and other noise environments, try to keep hearing aid users away from noise sources.

Family and friends’ care and help for hearing aid wearers

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