Hearing aid price problem

The price of hearing aids is a very sensitive issue.Many people who need to choose a hearing aid will check the price of hearing aids online.

The price of hearing aids was originally regulated by the factory.However, the price of hearing aids not only includes the price of the hearing aid product itself, but also includes many more valuable services that can ensure the effectiveness of the hearing aid!Without these truly professional services, it is impossible for hearing aids to produce satisfactory results!These services mainly include the following:

Accurate and complete hearing test: The usual hearing aid stores only test the air conduction hearing threshold, and the audiometer may not be calibrated every year.From the professional perspective of audiology, the accuracy and completeness of the preliminary hearing test of the matching hearing aid play a decisive role in the selection and effect of the subsequent hearing aid.The hearing test is accurate, maybe the hearing aid does not need to be very expensive, and it can achieve better results.If the preliminary test is inaccurate and incomplete, it will mislead the hearing diagnosis and the choice of hearing aids. Hearing aid , It can’t reach the ideal hearing aid effect.

Hearing aid debugging: Everyone says that he is a professional hearing aid fitting, professional debugging, how to evaluate the professionalism?At the very least, you must have a systematic professional theoretical study background of otology, audiology, and hearing aid knowledge.In foreign countries, hearing aid-related audiology is very developed. Audiologists are a branch of medicine. The professional education background determines the professional level of audiologists.Hearing aid debugging is not simply a matter of knowing the computer. Professional background knowledge determines the debugging effect of hearing aids.

Hearing aid testing and real ear analysis: These two testing items are in foreign countries, only very professional hearing centers have them, and daily tests will be carried out for patients.These two tests play a very critical role in the effectiveness of hearing aids for specific patients.The parameters of the computer software are different for each patient’s ear canal. How to ensure that the various parameters of a specific ear canal meet the needs of the patient requires real ear analysis.Whether the specific parameters of the hearing aid meet the standards after debugging, the hearing aid test is required.

Hearing rehabilitation services after hearing aids are selected: In the final analysis, buying hearing aids is to achieve better results and improve communication with others.The hearing aid is just a tool. How to achieve the effect and how to achieve the sustained hearing effect depends on the continuous professional services of professionals and the cooperation of patients.

The cost of all the above services is far more important than the price of the hearing aid itself!All of the above fees, if charged, should exceed the price of your own hearing aid.

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