Headphones-the killer of our hearing

1. Limit volume: Set the volume within 80% of the maximum playback volume.

2. Shorten the time of wearing headphones: the trial time does not exceed 90 minutes.

The above two points are very important, but sometimes we do not set the volume strictly according to the volume decibel, but adjust the volume that we can hear clearly according to the current environment. In noisy places such as buses and subways, when the background noise increases, We will artificially increase the volume of the headset to increase the “signal-to-noise ratio”. This subtle change is actually easy to ignore.

For example, when running around from the outside wearing headphones to enter the room or even going to bed, we often feel that the volume is really harsh, and we have to lower the volume. Only then did we realize that what we just received while wearing headphones is so strong. volume!Therefore, in order to reduce background noise, it is necessary to use headphones with noise reduction function in a noisy environment.

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