Wearing hearing aids will not increase deafness

Many people have this wrong idea. Wearing glasses for myopia will cause myopia or presbyopia to become deeper and deeper.Therefore, many deaf patients worry that after wearing hearing aids, will they worsen their deafness? Here, the Chinese-made hearing aids reveal this doubt to everyone.

The increase in the degree of a person after wearing glasses, in many cases, is not the cause of the glasses, but the change of the eye itself, that is to say, even if the glasses are not worn, the depth will be increased.For example, if you don’t wear glasses, presbyopia will become heavier as you age.This is the inevitable result of the deterioration of visual function; college students who are nearsighted and do not wear glasses will increase the degree of myopia, and even more.This is because they need sight more than ordinary people.Needing without the help of glasses can only lead to visual fatigue and accelerate the process of irregularities.

Hearing is the same.Need not use Hearing aid , It will only aggravate hearing difficulties and accelerate the process of hearing degradation.On the other hand, wearing a suitable hearing aid itself will not cause hearing loss.In the typical elderly deaf (presbycusis), the hearing loss in both ears is almost the same.For various reasons, many elderly people only use one ear Hearing aid , And most only choose one ear to wear.Studies have shown that if things go on like this, there will be a gap between the hearing conditions of both ears: the resolving power of one ear with a hearing aid is significantly better than that of the opposite side.This can be explained simply by the principle of “use advancement and abolishment retreat”.The ear that wears a hearing aid uses more, listens well, and maintains its function well; while the ear that does not wear a hearing aid, because of less use and poor hearing, its function degrades quickly.In real life, the deaf people who are not equipped with hearing aids always try to avoid dealing with others, and try not to participate in social activities-they are afraid of not understanding them, and they are afraid of causing trouble to others.Their auditory function is also accelerated because of this.In this sense, hearing aids will not aggravate the original deafness, but will help delay the process of hearing deterioration.

Of course, wearing hearing aids may cause deafness to worsen. If you use unqualified products, or improper use methods that have not been matched by a professional optician, private purchases and so on will aggravate the damage.So here, the hearing aid made in China reminds you: the hearing impaired must choose a professional fitting unit to fit the hearing aid!

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