Integrity 315: Maybe you bought a “fake” hearing aid?

It is another year of “315”. At this time of the year, there are always a group of black-hearted companies trembling in their hearts, for fear of being named “red all over the country.”

Hearing aids are a kind of special electronic products. Most people don’t buy them, let alone know the professional information such as parameters, models and brands. Therefore, when you or your family’s hearing loss need to be equipped with hearing aids, they are often confused. Be careful and be deceived.

Today, Xiaoou will take a look at some of the hardest hit areas in the hearing aid industry and talk about whether you bought a “fake” Hearing aid .

Analog machine pretending to be digital machine

First of all, the analog and digital hearing aids are enough to confuse the uninformed.

Twenty years ago, analog hearing aids were still a mainstream product in the field of hearing aids, but now they have been basically replaced by digital hearing aids. However, there are still many hearing impaired patients who have worn analog hearing aids for a lifetime.

There are reasons why analog opportunities have been replaced by digital ones.

The analog hearing aid uses a linear amplification circuit, which is closer to a loudspeaker, but simply amplifies the sound without filtering, so the noise will be endlessly amplified;

The digital hearing aid adopts a nonlinear amplification circuit, which can intelligently focus on speech signals in a complex environment, and can be adjusted according to each user’s own comfort level of sound.

The most common “fake digital machine” is to sell analog hearing aids pretending to be digital hearing aids, and it is easy to be tricked from the appearance alone.

Inferior knockoff products

The worse behavior than the analog machine pretending to be a digital machine is: selling fake and inferior products Hearing aid .

In recent years, everything is faked, and various scams have emerged one after another. Hearing aids, as a product that is not well known but more and more elderly people need, are not immune.

Many elderly people live hard and frugal, professional hearing aids are expensive, and a small machine is more expensive than TVs and refrigerators, which makes them somewhat unacceptable.

Black-hearted manufacturers are aiming at this point. They play the name of “public welfare assistance activities” and “only charge a small amount of postage”, which makes users pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but they get inferior inferior cottages. Goods, there is no way to return them.

Having said so many industry depths, many friends may be more concerned about choosing hearing aids. . .

Don’t worry, you still have Chinese products!

technologyIndependent research and development

Don’t you know that China-made is an international brand with independent research and development of chip algorithms? !

Technology is so capricious!

after all Hearing aid Brands are too numerous to list, but only a handful have mastered the self-developed algorithm!

✨ Some government projects undertaken by China’s production ✨

National Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Project “Embedded Sound Processing Software Based on Ultra-low Power DSP”

Xiamen City “Double Hundred Plan” Leading Entrepreneur Talent “A New Generation of Digital Hearing Aid Algorithm and System R&D and Industrialization”

Xiamen Science and Technology Plan Enterprise Technology Innovation Project “Automatic Fitting of Digital Hearing Aids”

Xiamen Science and Technology Plan Enterprise Technology Innovation Project “Wireless Digital Hearing Aid System Based on Near Field Magnetic Induction”

MaterialImport of raw materials

What is the core of a hearing aid?

Is the chip

All advanced chips carrying mature Chinese-made algorithms come from the United States;

Not only chips, but other parts such as microphones and speakers are also imported from Europe and the United States;

And the hearing aid shell is made of medical-grade materials, which is skin-friendly, safe and secure.

Use good materials and make hearing aids!

Quality inspectionStrictly control

Every hearing aid that can leave the factory has passed the devil’s inspection by the quality inspector, and let’s not miss a small detail!

What is our pursuit?


AftermarketLong warranty

If you are not confident,

How dare we propose a long warranty period policy? !

The longest warranty period is 5 years,

Beyond industry practices!

Link:      Integrity 315: Maybe you bought a "fake" hearing aid?

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