The ears should also pay attention to health care at ordinary times, the ears are very important

Rub your ears to keep your whole body healthy

There are one hundred and twenty acupuncture points on the tiny ears, you must be surprised.What’s even more incredible is that because these acupoints are connected to the meridians of the whole body, they are closely related to the health of the internal organs.

When an abnormality occurs on the body, the corresponding acupuncture points of the ear points will cause pain or lumps.If they are dealt with in a timely manner and these abnormal phenomena are eliminated, the physical condition can naturally be improved.Ear acupuncture therapy in ancient medicine uses this principle.

In today’s busy life, many people ignore this important part.Just spend a small amount of time every day to rub, so that all the acupuncture points on the ears can be active and unblocked, which is of great benefit to health.

How to care for the ears?

1. Overcome ear removal. Some people are accustomed to using ear removal to relieve itching when it is unbearable. However, ear removal is actually a bad habit, because it is easy to cause ears when people dig out. Certain damage, external bacteria will slowly enter the guardian way when the ear is pulled out. If there are bacteria in the guardian way, it will easily cause inflammation of the ear canal. This kind of inflammation is difficult to treat, if it is not caused. If the tympanic membrane is perforated, it will easily cause ear inflammation and affect the hearing of the ear.    
2. Prevent swimming ear disease. Earwax hardens slowly in the ear and forms a plug. When the ear enters, the hardened earwax will swell.This will affect the ear hearing, and it is also very easy to cause inflammation of the ear canal. If the eardrum is perforated, it is best not to continue swimming in order to protect the ear canal, so as not to cause other various diseases. If you want to swim, the most Earplugs can be used to plug the ears to prevent water from pouring into the guard.When swimming, be sure to raise your head to the surface of the water as much as possible.    
3. Prevention of drug poisoning. Current studies have determined that drugs such as matromycin and neomycin can cause deafness. These drugs can damage the inner ear, cochlea, vestibule and other ear organs, causing ear balance to be imbalanced and causing deafness.Of course, in some families, if someone in the family is deaf, then other people should pay attention to this phenomenon.    
4. Avoid contact with noise. Noise is an irregular sound that can cause people’s psychological discomfort. This type of sound damages the ears slowly and is difficult to treat. Of course, strong irritating music will also be affected. Ear damage causes the hearing of the ear to continue to decline, so in normal times, try to avoid exposure to noise.    
5. Pay attention to your eating habits. In your daily diet, it is best to eat more foods with high content of elements, such as iron, zinc, and calcium, because these foods are scarce trace elements in the human body. It helps to expand the capillaries in the ears. The expansion of capillaries will affect the blood circulation of the ears. This phenomenon can prevent hearing loss.    
6. It is necessary to maintain a good mental state at all times, because when a person is excited, the secretion rate of adrenaline in the human body will greatly increase. At this time, it will cause the occurrence of vasospasm in the small water arteries of the inner ear, which will make the ears The blood in the small blood vessels is slow, and the slow blood circulation will cause insufficient supply of the ears. At this time, it is easy to cause deafness.

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