Precautions for wearing hearing aids for the first time

Wearing hearing aids for patients with residual hearing loss can improve their hearing to a certain extent, but they are also restricted by various factors.Different people use hearing aids with different effects.Some patients are not used to wearing hearing aids at first, this is because:

(1) There is a difference between the sound heard by the hearing aid and the sound heard by the original hearing aid, and it needs to adapt to a stage.Generally, an adaptation period of 1 to 3 months is required.

(2) Hearing aids amplify all sounds. Hearing patients live in “quiet” for a long time. Once they hear all kinds of sounds from the outside world, they cannot adapt for a while and feel noisy and annoying.Therefore, the wearer must again learn to exclude unwanted background sounds.In the initial stage, patience is required. The wearing time of hearing aids should be increased gradually, and the volume should be lowered at the beginning, and then gradually increased after getting used to it.

(3) Patients with mixed deafness and neurological deafness have poor sound resolution, except for the need to use high-definition and special electrificationIn addition to Lu’s hearing aids, a training process is also required. The earlier the hearing aid is worn, the shorter the adaptation time.

For deaf children with residual hearing, wear them as soon as possible Hearing aid , Carry out language training as soon as possible to make them deaf but not dumb.The selection of hearing aids for children has its particularity.First of all, because children may not be able to cooperate with hearing tests or communicate directly with the fitting professional, the procedure of fitting hearing aids for children is more complicated than that for adults. Hearing aid , Usually focus on effect first, followed by reliability, so most of them choose behind-the-ear products.According to different degrees of hearing loss, choose different power behind-the-ear models.

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