Several questions about hearing aids

Question XNUMX: Will hearing aids become more deaf when worn?
Answer: Hearing aids will not become deaf as you wear them.
Many people feel that with the passage of time, the degree of wearing glasses is getting higher and the eyesight is getting worse and worse, so it is inferred that the hearing will get worse after wearing a hearing aid.Think about it, if you don’t wear glasses, will your vision improve, stay the same, or will it continue to decline?Presbyopia without glasses, as the age grows, “presbyopia” will also get heavier, which is the inevitable result of the deterioration of vision; similarly, without glasses, the degree of myopia will increase.Hearing is the same.Need not Hearing aid , It will only aggravate hearing difficulties and accelerate the process of hearing degradation.On the other hand, wearing a suitable hearing aid itself will not cause hearing loss.
There is one exception-deaf patients use hearing aids that are not suitable for them will be aggravatedHearing loss. 300-degree myopia wearing 800-degree myopia is obviously harmful and useless, and the same is true for hearing aids.Therefore, hearing aids also need to be fitted, and it is a more complicated and detailed fitting than glasses.To be precise, wearing an appropriate and qualified hearing aid that has been accurately fitted will not aggravate the degree of deafness and help to slow down the deafness process.
Question XNUMX: Can hearing aids cure deafness?
Answer: Modern medicine proves that deafness can be cured or cannot be cured. It is unscientific to try to achieve the purpose of hearing rehabilitation through medicine, acupuncture, qigong and other means.The structure of the human ear is very sophisticated and complicated, and the current medical methods have not been so advanced.Similarly, wearing hearing aids cannot completely cure deafness.
Most deaf children retain a certain amount of residual hearing. Under normal circumstances, this part of hearing does not work and is in a latent state. Therefore, deaf children live in a silent world because they cannot feel the stimulation of sound. Realize that the external environment is full of colorful sounds.Over time, that part of the residual hearing becomes wasteful; similarly, for people with acquired hearing loss such as senile hearing loss, part of the hearing loss is also in a latent state due to the inability to receive sound stimulation. Over time, this part of the original The available degraded hearing is therefore useless.This is like rusting when a machine is not used, and people need to exercise to restore tendon function after a fracture.The ancient humanism: “flowing water does not rot, and the household hinge does not worm” also expounded the same truth.The main function of hearing aids is to amplify the sound, awaken the residual hearing from the latent state, so that the residual hearing can be used to the maximum.In this way, as long as the hearing loss patient can develop from not knowing the sound in the past to understanding the sound, from the loss of part of the hearing to the hearing loss under the correct rehabilitation guidance and through the training of the scientific system, this is not only the result of the improvement of hearing. It is also the result of improved listening comprehension and self-confidence.Therefore, hearing loss is not terrible. The terrible thing is that hearing loss patients spend their precious rehabilitation time on some treatments that are impossible to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation, and the residual hearing is wasted in vain.It is imperative for patients with hearing loss to develop residual hearing as soon as possible after hearing loss is discovered.

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