What should be paid attention to when using hearing aids?

Most hearing-impaired people can learn to benefit and enjoy the use of hearing aids. As for how long it takes, it varies from person to person and also depends on many factors, such as age, physical condition, and hearing loss. Severity and time.And of course, the most important thing is how determined you want to learn to restore your hearing.Learning hearing is similar to learning a new sport or recreational activity, such as tennis, dancing, and playing piano. It requires patience and practice. At the same time, it is necessary to have reasonable expectations for the recovery of hearing.In other words, don’t expect that after turning on the hearing aid, you will be able to restore XNUMX% of your hearing function. You need to give yourself a little time to rebuild your auditory memory, and you must also get used to wearing it. Hearing aid .
     Now you are ready to train the ten-step course.As you progress from one step to another, you will understand the “fun of using a hearing aid”, because your life has become more meaningful since then, you will re-participate in various activities, and you can regain your confidence.All in all, hearing aids will become your lifelong partner and a passport to lead you to a better life.
Step XNUMX: Avoid hearing difficulties
Start the “listening training” course in a familiar environment, read the operating instructions carefully, and be familiar with how to use it Hearing aid In the first few weeks, do not wear hearing aids in noisy places, such as supermarkets or airports.
Step XNUMX: Slowly increase the time of wearing hearing aids
In the beginning, don’t use hearing aids for too long.In the first few days, you should not wear a hearing aid for more than one to three hours. When you feel nervous or tired, you should remove the hearing aid and rest for several hours.During the trial time, one thing is very important, that is, you should increase the time of wearing hearing aids every day, so that you can slowly adapt to the sound of the surrounding environment.In different situations, regular use of hearing aids can let you know how to discover your hearing potential and how to enjoy the best benefits.
Step XNUMX: Control the sound
Don’t increase the volume too high. In many cases, this will not improve the ability to understand the conversation, but will cause the sound to be distorted.Don’t try to make a slight sound from a distance.Please remember that even people with good hearing cannot do this; at this stage, if you can understand that normal conversations within 1 to 2 meters are sufficient.Once your “hearing aid experience” increases, you can adjust the volume control when you need a higher volume.
Steps XNUMX to XNUMX require a certain degree of discipline and self-control.If you can be disciplined and self-controlled, you can make significant improvements every day.After a few weeks, your hearing aid will become your indispensable friend.
Step XNUMX: Adapt to the use of hearing aids
Ideally, your hearing aid should be a part of your body, just like hyperopia glasses, but this process is a gradual process, and it takes some effort before you can treat the hearing aid as a friend, rather than some “outside the body device” “.The following methods can help you go through this process smoothly.
Ear molds—Whether your hearing aids are worn in the ear or hung outside, the key to successful use of hearing aids lies in whether the custom molded plastic ear molds worn in the ear can make you feel comfortable, if you feel uncomfortable or feel under pressure.If the pressure is not eliminated in a short time, you should consult your hearing aid fitting professional, who will make the necessary modifications for you.
Tiredness—Hearing the sound again when wearing a hearing aid may make you feel tired at first, just because you are not used to listening in this way. Don’t force yourself to let your hearing function gradually recover. If you feel tired or nervous, you might as well take a rest. A little improvement every day is pretty good.
Concentration—Practice focusing on what you want to listen to. This also applies to people with good hearing.But it is even more important for those who use hearing aids.The method is to practice separating the sound you want to hear from the sound coming from your hearing aid.Although this is not easy to learn, it can be learned, and this is also the best advice we can give you.
Your own voice—it is very likely that you will not be able to recognize your own voice. You should be mentally prepared for this. This voice is very strange to you. However, this is completely normal because you are passing by Your hearing aid listens to your own voice correctly, and at the same time you can control and adjust the way you talk and pronounce.Therefore, during this training period, it is a good practice method to practice the number of reading aloud by yourself every day.
Step XNUMX: Learn to listen in a noisy environment again
The world is a noisy place, and hearing aids need to be used in a noisy environment. Like other people with normal hearing, you can concentrate on listening to the sound they want to suppress the interference noise. However, if your hearing is impaired for a long time For a long time, you will temporarily lose this ability.Furthermore, through hearing aids, you will hear all kinds of sounds or noises that you have forgotten, such as the sound of shoes on the ground, the sound of car horns and siren, and the sound of clashing plates.On the other hand, you will hear pleasant sounds again, such as children’s laughter, bird language, music, and the clinking of ice cubes.Your birth mission is to live happily in these two voices.As long as you practice concentration and train yourself to eliminate those irritating sounds, your task will be completed.During the first few months of training, you should avoid listening in noisy places.However, you need to continue training, continue to practice, then you will be rewarded.
Step XNUMX: Group conversation
If several people speak in a group discussion, then even people with normal hearing will encounter difficulties.Therefore, we can understand why most people who wear hearing aids feel embarrassed when listening in more small groups.An effective way is to shorten the distance between yourself and the speaker.Move closer to the person you want to hear, pay attention to his lips, and focus on listening to one speaker. Don’t be distracted to listen to the other people in the group.People who have experience wearing hearing aids can achieve amazing hearing effects in this situation.
Step XNUMX: Public buildings
Hearing aid users need to make several adjustments to suit listening in theaters, churches, conference rooms, or other public buildings.The easiest way involves sitting in a place with ideal sound transmission conditions, usually these places are in the front or middle position (however, do not get too close to the speaker).If you can see the face of the speaker, the situation will be better.Many public buildings are equipped with assistive hearing devices for people with hearing aids to listen and understand.A list of buildings equipped with such devices is available on request. If not, you must call the building to make it clear.
Step XNUMX: Radio and TV programs
The sounds broadcast by radio and television are mechanically copied, not natural sounds, and may be difficult to understand.In addition, many reporters speak too fast, and actors often need to use different accents when playing roles. Furthermore, the story itself may require quiet or low-pitched speech.Therefore, if you find it difficult to listen to news broadcasts or commercial productions, you should listen to the music program first, and after a period of time, just focus on the meaning of the speaker instead of trying to capture every word.Then, your ability to listen to radio or TV programs with a hearing aid has improved.
Step XNUMX: The loudspeaker of the hearing aid
Phone sensor-hearing aid users need extra volume when using the phone, or want to completely eliminate background noise.The telephone sensor can be connected and dialed into the hearing aid, which provides great help to the user.The operation method is as follows: (1) Turn on the T file (2) Increase the volume (3) Put the earpiece in the best position on the hearing aid.After answering the call, remember to turn the switch back to the M position and lower the volume.
Step XNUMX: Stereo (binaural) listening with two hearing aids
The use of two hearing aids for people who are deaf in both ears has proven to be the most effective way to wear hearing aids.This method has many advantages for users.In fact, users are extremely excited by the tremendous hearing improvement provided by binaural listening.We suggest that you should consult an audiologist or hearing aid fitter to determine whether you are eligible to use stereo listening methods through tests.
Final advice
The use of new listening methods and the successful use of hearing aids in the early stages can determine the direction of your lifelong listening style.People prepare these guidelines for the purpose of helping you at this important stage, because we sincerely hope that your investment will get the best return and the best hearing.

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