Remember, don’t let the elderly develop the habit of being inaudible!

Therefore, as children and relatives, the elderly should not be allowed to develop the habit of being inaudible.

Small Encyclopedia: Old people becoming more and more withdrawn may also be caused by hearing loss

Therefore, when more than half of the following phenomena occur in the elderly, they may have mild or more hearing impairment, and they should actively seek medical treatment.

●I often feel that others are muttering and slurring.

● often ask others to repeat the speech.

●It often feels that children and women speak very hard to hear clearly.

●I often hear others talking, but can’t understand what others are saying.

● Often avoid attending social occasions because of hearing loss.

●Turn up the volume of the TV or radio frequently.

●It is not common to hear the chirping of birds in the suburbs.

●I often cannot hear others calling from behind.

● often ignore the phone ring or door ring.

Once the diagnosis is clear, timely, standardized, and systematic treatment should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor according to the condition.After treatment, if the hearing is still difficult to recover, it needs to be selected under the guidance of professionals Hearing aid , And carry out early language training to minimize the impact of hearing impairment.

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