Is hearing loss?How can you get more and more tired listening to people?


      There are no wonders in the big world. People from the same place, some people always don’t understand what other people mean when they interact with others. Although they can hear clearly, they still don’t understand what it means. It may be a morbid state, and it should also cause you to pay attention. Many factors combine to cause this embarrassing situation. Especially when you are talking to others about a certain matter, you always hum and cannot answer. If you don’t understand the meaning, you seem indifferent. In this case, you should also look for your own problems.

        The brain plays an important role in our listening, understanding, and speaking.The auditory hair cells of the inner ear are responsible for converting the sound signals conducted in the outer ear and middle ear into electrical signals, which are transmitted to the brain along the auditory nerve.Each hair cell is responsible for “translating” a specific tone or frequency.When these cells are damaged or die, the auditory system’s ability to “translate” different frequencies is weakened or lost, making it more difficult for the brain to process incoming information.When hearing is normal, the following three areas of the brain work with the auditory system to analyze sounds and output language:

       The temporal lobe is behind the ear, And extend to both sides of the brain.It is the primary auditory cortex, which receives sensory information from the inner ear, that is, hears sound;

       Wernicke’s area is located in the left temporal lobe of the brain, Responsible for speech comprehension, that is, to understand the meaning of hearing sounds;

       Broca’s area is located in the lower part of the left frontal lobe and is responsible for language expression, That is speaking.

       When hearing loss occurs, because the acoustic signal transmission process is blocked, or the inner ear’s ability to sense sound is reduced, the electrical signal sent by the inner ear to the brain is reduced, and the brain must “work harder” to judge the original signal based on the residual signal. In this way, We get tired easily when we listen to the sound.


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