I feel a little pain in my ears while wearing a hearing aid

With the existence of hearing aids, many hearing-impaired people can once again feel how beautiful a world full of laughter and laughter is.

However, some friends found their ears hurt when they were wearing hearing aids. What is going on?



Under normal circumstances, hearing aids will not cause ear pain. The reasons for this may be the following three points:

1. The ear canal is infected;
2. The hearing aid does not fit the ear canal;
3. The way of wearing hearing aids is wrong.

Let’s talk about it in detail below, when faced with this problem, how to deal with it.

1,The ear canal is infected

Improper wearing of hearing aids may cause ear infections.If there is any discomfort in the ears, it is best to consult and communicate with the fitter of the fitting center.

The ear canal may be infected for other reasons. If this happens all the time, it is recommended to seek medical attention in time.


2,Hearing aid does not fit the ear canal

Some people buy it online or in unprofessional hospitals Hearing aid , The hearing aids you get are often not suitable for your ears.Even if you go to a specialized fitting center, if the technician’s skills are not professional enough, you may wear an unsuitable one. Hearing aid .

For users with a relatively curved ear canal, it is recommended to pull the ear back and up slightly when wearing a hearing aid, or use moisturizing oil to do some proper lubrication to make the ear canal more suitable for the hearing aid. (Note that this process needs to be careful to prevent liquid from entering the sound hole, causing sound distortion.)


3,Wrong way of wearing hearing aids

There are many types of hearing aids, such as behind-the-ear, ear canal and deep ear canal… Some people don’t know where the hearing aid should be placed.

Hearing aids are placed in the wrong position, causing ears to be oppressed, which naturally causes pain.It is recommended that you still need to communicate with the optician from time to time and choose the most comfortable way of wearing.

In addition, the wearing time of hearing aids also needs to be reasonable. Don’t wear it for too long at the beginning, 3~5 hours is almost the same, you can gradually increase the wearing time in the future.


Some user friends feel that there is a problem in the process of wearing hearing aids, and think it is a trivial matter, just use it, and I am sorry to trouble the fitting technician.

In fact, this is not right. When you buy a professionally fitted hearing aid, you will get a sincere and long-term service in addition to the hearing aid.

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