Do hearing aids need to be equipped by the hospital?

First of all, we need to understand the classification of hearing loss

The degree of hearing loss is divided into the following categories: (decibel, or dB)

Normal hearing:-10~25dB

Have a clear analysis of general voice and language.

MildHearing loss: 26-40 decibels, it is difficult to distinguish small sounds, such as the sound of wind blowing in the woods.

Moderate hearing loss: 41 to 55 decibels. I have hearing difficulties with daily language. I feel vague in talking with people. I start to need the help of hearing aids.

Moderate to severe hearing loss:56~70dB

For louder conversations? Car sounds are still blurred, and hearing aids are more helpful.

Severe hearing loss:70-90 decibels or more

For shouts and loud sounds, such as car horns.The drum sounds are responsive, and hearing aids are more helpful.

Extremely severe hearing loss: Greater than 90 decibels

Hearing aid fittings do not need to go to the hospital. The hospital is a place for treatment, not a hearing rehabilitation center.

Hearing aids are only used if there is hearing loss and no effect after treatment. These two different branches, the hospital treats clinical medicine, and the hearing aids are the subject of audiology rehabilitation.

Fitting Hearing aid , There must be professional training, otherwise the debugged machine is uncomfortable to wear.

Fitting Hearing aid Generally, you have to go in person, and it takes 1-2 hours. Think about it, the doctor will leave you alone for 1-2 hours at the place where you see a doctor, and let other patients wait.

Moreover, there is no discount for fitting hearing aids in general hospitals. Generally, regular fitting centers have some favorable conditions for customers.In professional fitting centers, the after-sales service is more secure. Hearing aids are not that you can buy them and you will be fine. They need to be maintained and adjusted in the later stage. The hearing has been retested. Generally, these are free of charge. It is estimated that The hospital is not free.

Reminder: You must go to the hearing aid fittings in person, the nearest professional fitting center, the fitting process is 1-2 hours

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