Hearing aids are the most realistic way to solve deafness and tinnitus

   Deafness and tinnitus are more serious diseases in otology. Deafness is not only a hearing disorder, but also a communication disorder, which is very harmful to the patient’s life and work. It should be detected and treated early.Haizhisheng’s hearing aid experts remind you that deafness leads to hearing loss, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting, unsteady standing, unsteady steps when walking, and other serious symptoms.According to its pathogenesis, the treatment should be targeted. There are many factors that cause tinnitus, and there are differences in treatment.usually:

7. Presbycusis: sensorineural deafness caused by the degeneration of the inner ear and auditory nerves. It usually occurs over 60 years of age and is the main cause of deafness in the elderly.Some people think that hearing loss is a normal phenomenon for people who are old and cannot be treated.Hearing aids can be worn to improve hearing. In severe cases, cochlear implantation can be performed, which can also help reduceHearing loss.

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