Can I wear hearing aids while exercising?

   Many friends with hearing loss are afraid of damage during fitness Hearing aid , Thus giving up wearing Hearing aid , Then can we wear hearing aids when we exercise?

   The answer is: of course.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: My hearing aid may be lost or damaged.

   Although this concern is reasonable, today’s hearing aids can completely solve this problem with some accessories, such as skeleton ear molds, sports hair bands, or other devices that protect the hearing aid during strenuous exercise. They can completely solve this problem.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Hearing aids are not needed during exercise

   In fact, when you are working out, not wearing a hearing aid is a risky thing.If you have seriousHearing loss, When you exercise a lot, your sense of balance may be affected by the lack of hearing aids, especially when running at high speed on a treadmill.Moreover, without hearing aids, you may not hear emergency warnings or other important instructions from the coach.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Sweating while working out may damage my hearing aid circuit.

   Of course, our hearing aids will not lag behind in this era when mobile phones and watches are waterproof!In fact, most hearing aids are waterproof, which can completely resist moisture, dust and earwax. Of course, resisting your sweat is a trivial matter.Just clean the surface of the hearing aid with a slightly damp soft cloth after exercise, and dry the hearing aid with a dry soft cloth.

   If you want to better use your Hearing aid , You should consult your optician more, he will set up a hearing program in the hearing aid that is exclusive to the gym environment.

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