How do adults choose hearing aids

How to choose a hearing aid is an important topic.Here are a few things to consider when choosing a hearing aid:

1,brand.Because hearing aids need to be adjusted regularly, the after-sales service of hearing aids is a very important part.Brand hearing aids will be equipped by a professional audiologist to help the patient choose the most suitable for him Hearing aid , If it is directly free to buy unbranded Hearing aid , It is very likely that there is no effect at all.Therefore, when choosing a hearing aid, you must at least choose a branded one, so that if there is a problem, you can find a business for after-sales treatment, which is more reliable and reliable.

2, The degree of hearing impairment.Everyone has different degrees of hearing impairment, so the requirements for hearing compensation are also different.If you choose an inappropriate hearing aid, you may not be able to provide sufficient hearing compensation for the patient. If the sound from the hearing aid is too loud, it may further aggravate the hearing loss.Therefore, you must take a hearing test before buying a hearing aid, and choose according to the hearing test chart.A full understanding of the degree of hearing impairment can effectively increase the chance of choosing the correct hearing aid.

3, Fitting.Fitting is actually the most important point in the process of selecting hearing aids.In fact, the fitting of hearing aids and the fitting of glasses are the same reason, and fitting is indispensable.Some shop assistants lack common sense of audiology and only recommend them based on sales experience. This makes it difficult for patients to buy hearing aids that are suitable for them. As a result, many patients buy them but do not use them.In fact, high-level hearing aids do not simply amplify the sound, they need to be modulated in many aspects.

4,shape.There are many styles of hearing aids, such asCIC,IIC,ITC,BRWait.When choosing, you can choose the most practical one according to your own needs.If you are an elderly person, you generally don’t pursue aesthetics so much, you can choose the one that is more practical, cost-effective, and convenient to wear and take off.ITC,HS,ITE.If you are young and don’t want others to see yourself wearing a hearing aid, you can choose to be completely invisibleIIC.

5, Reasonable expectations.Hearing aids amplify or adjust the sound that enters the patient’s ears, and cannot restore the patient to normal hearing.If the patient has too high expectations for the hearing aid, it is very likely that the patient will feel “ineffective” when they first wear it and will reject the continued use of the hearing aid.Therefore, the adaptation of hearing aids requires a process. At the beginning, patients can wear them when necessary, and then extend the time every day appropriately, adjust their mentality, and adapt slowly.

6,Financial ability.The price of hearing aids ranges from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, but the more expensive the better.You should choose a suitable one according to your actual needs and other conditions.However, it is best not to buy a hearing aid of a few hundred dollars, because it is easy to “get deaf as you wear it.”

7, Middle ear condition.When choosing a hearing aid, check your middle ear condition first.If the patient is suffering from otitis media, it is not suitable to wear hearing aids.If you have ever suffered from otitis media, do not choose the in-ear type, use the back-of-the-ear type, and pay attention to the moisture-proof of the hearing aid. The wearing time should not be too long, and the ear canal should be removed frequently to allow the ear canal to breathe.RICHearing aids are more breathable and will not cause otitis media.

8, After-sales service.Choose an excellent after-sales serviceHearing CenterVery important.The price of a medium and above hearing aid is also a bit expensive.Often a hearing aid has to be used for several years, so long-term and reliable after-sales service is very important.Especially for patients who have just started to wear hearing aids, they don’t know much about hearing aids. Some problems may arise during use. At this time, after-sales service is needed to solve them.In addition, people’s hearing loss is constantly changing. Wearing a hearing aid does not guarantee that hearing will no longer be lost. Therefore, in the later stage, the patient’s hearing aid still needs to be deployed.Therefore, the choice of hearing aids should take into account the brand’s after-sales service.

All in all, the choice of hearing aids is not the best, only the most suitable.The more suitable a hearing aid is, the more likely it is to produce the best results.

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