The effect of hearing aids varies from person to person. Why?

The different nature of deafness is also an important factor that affects the effect of hearing aids.

Patients with steep hearing loss:

Because high-frequency hearing loss is serious, and people’s speech intelligibility is closely related to high-frequency hearing, although wearing hearing aids improves hearing, it still can’t solve the problem of hearing clearly and achieve the purpose of understanding and comprehending the language. Use frequency shift to achieve audibility Degree extension or the use of adaptive dynamic adjustment technology are also new attempts.

People with mild hearing loss:

Since the hearing loss is not large, effective listening can be achieved in a quiet state.Because in a quiet state, the general speech sound can reach about 60-70 decibels, which is greater than the degree of hearing loss, so you can get enough speech intelligibility without hearing aids, but when there are many people and in a noisy environment Hard of hearing.Therefore, hearing aids are more helpful to users who have relatively heavy hearing loss or who have higher listening requirements, and are relatively less helpful to users who have relatively light hearing loss.

Presbycusis :

First of all, we should understand the two different concepts of hearing and understanding. Hearing can be done as long as the power of the hearing aid is appropriate and effectively amplified. However, understanding is the correct analysis and judgment of the brain on the sound information. The brain response and function of the elderly hearing aid users are different, and the same hearing aid will produce different hearing aid effects.

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