Is the ear inflammation caused by your hearing aid?

The old man has poor hearing and wants to help her match Hearing aid , But the elderly have heard people say that wearing hearing aids will cause ear inflammation, really?

Many elderly people have different degrees of hearing loss, which affects their normal life in their later years.Sometimes after seeing a doctor, the doctor will recommend wearing Hearing aid .Hearing aids have only entered the Chinese market for more than 20 years. Many people don’t know much about hearing aids, and they tend to have some misunderstandings about their wearing.

If you have inflammation, let the ear canal ventilate when you wear it. When shampooing and bathing, be careful not to let water enter your ears. Clean the inside of the ear before wearing the hearing aid. The hearing aid itself will not cause ear inflammation.Hearing patients with otitis media are not suitable for in-ear custom-made machines, and it is best to choose a BTE machine.You can take the elderly to the sound of the sea hearing aid to check.

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