The elderly wear hearing aids, four points need to be paid attention to

     Once the elderly find hearing loss, they should go to the hospital in time, and actively adopt treatment and rehabilitation methods after finding out the cause. Don’t stick to the traditional concept. “People with old ears and vertigo” are natural laws that cannot be changed, and there is no need for treatment. Recovery.Because the neuropsychological test of the elderly shows that the elderly group with hearing impairment has poor control beliefs, poor psychological feelings, and depressive tendencies.This shows that hearing impairment is not so “natural”. It will also cause psychological trauma to patients, which will seriously affect their quality of life, greatly reduce their ability to participate in society, and bring more to individuals, families, and society. Big loss.

     Primary election Hearing aid According to the medical history, professionals should conduct audiology tests. According to the hearing test results and the needs of the patient, the required main technical indicators should be determined through the hearing aid analyzer test, so as to select the appropriate performance Hearing aid .Many elderly people may feel fatigue and other discomforts after just wearing hearing aids for a few days. Usually, as long as they insist on wearing them, the discomfort will gradually decrease after a week.

In the process of fitting hearing aids, the elderly should usually pay attention to the following points.

(1) For newly-occurring presbycusis, don’t rush to wear a hearing aid. You must go through clinical treatment for a period of time. If there is still no improvement, consider wearing a hearing aid.Wearing hearing aids too early may aggravate deafness due to strong sound stimulation.

(2),Before fitting a hearing aid, a professional doctor must conduct a comprehensive examination, and choose a suitable hearing aid according to the degree of hearing loss.Don’t buy and wear it by yourself, so as not to damage the remaining hearing.

(3),Presbycusis, the degree of deafness in both ears is often inconsistent.Under normal circumstances, the hearing aid should be worn on the side with poor hearing so that the other ear can still hear the sounds of nature, so that the hearing of both ears is as harmonious and consistent as possible.If one ear is moderately deaf, and the other ear has reached severe deafness, it should be worn on the side with better hearing, so that the best listening effect can be obtained.For moderate to severe deafness with the same degree of deafness in both ears, it is advisable to wear both ears alternately to reduce fatigue.

(4),The elderly wear hearing aids have an adaptation period, about three to five months.During the adaptation period, the volume of the hearing aid should be turned down as much as possible. At the beginning, the wearing time should not be too long, just a few minutes each time, and then gradually increase.

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