Do you know the correct method of hearing aids?

We selected Hearing aid , The first time I wear it, it feels like I have just put on glasses or dentures-uncomfortable and requires a process of adaptation.The sound heard with a hearing aid or a cochlear implant is different from the sound we hear directly with naked ears, so we should try our best to adapt to this new sound.The length of this adaptation period and the effect are determined by his age, physical condition, hearing loss, deafness time and cognitive attitude.

Here are a few steps to get a better hearing aid effect:
First in your quiet home
Try to get accustomed to all the new sounds, listen to various background sounds, try to distinguish each sound, some sounds may be different from the sounds you are familiar with before, and you must learn to distinguish them.If you feel tired from wearing hearing aids, you can reduce the volume or turn off Hearing aid , Take a break, and gradually, you will be able to listen for a longer period of time, and soon you will be able to wear your hearing aid comfortably throughout the day.
Second, talk to a person
Try another situation, that is, in a quiet room, sit down and talk with another person face to face, so that you can see his expression clearly and have a normal conversation with each other.If the hearing aid is adjusted correctly, you will be able to hear and understand the conversation better than before.
Third listen to radio or TV
Ask people with normal hearing to turn the radio or TV to a normal volume.If you feel that the radio or TV is too loud or too low, you can adjust the volume knob of your hearing aid.First, practice listening to the news.Because the news announcer speaks clearly.Then, practice listening to other programs.If you find it difficult to listen to the radio or TV, you can consult relevant experts whether you need assistive hearing equipment.

Please Note

At about 30cm behind the ear of the hearing aid (1m of the cochlear ear), pinch the cellophane ball to make a sound. If you can hear it clearly, it indicates that the hearing aid effect is acceptable.
After infants and young children wear hearing aids (cochlea), they like to babble and are interested in sounds, it is basically suitable.
At about 30cm behind the ear of the hearing aid (1m of the cochlear ear), use normal voice (about 40-50dB) to pronounce Lin’s six tones (a, u, i, m, s, sh), if you can clearly distinguish, Retelling will suggest that the effect is ideal.

Hearing aid performance check

1. Put the hearing aid in your palm, hold it tightly and loosen it like holding an egg, and repeat it several times (the box is enough to keep the earphone close to the microphone repeatedly). If the performance is normal, it should emit strong and weak changes and a continuous sharp whistling sound.
2. Use normal voice (40-50dB) to send out “zh, ch, sh” or “one, two, three” to see if there is any change in the sound of the hearing aid. If it is not distorted, the hearing aid is normal.
3. Set the switch of the hearing aid to the “T” position, put the watch surface close to it, and check whether the hearing aid has a “click” sound. If the sound is consistent with the watch, it means that the “T” position is normal.

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