How old people adapt to hearing aids

Do you know how to quickly adapt to hearing aids for the elderly?Many elderly people refuse to wear hearing aids because they have difficulty adapting to hearing aids, which leads to faster hearing loss and affects the quality of life. Do you know how to quickly adapt to hearing aids for the elderly?Lets come look.

1. Carry out professional fitting

The elderly need to go to a professional hearing aid fitting center for fitting before wearing hearing aids. “Fitting” refers to choosing the one that suits your hearing condition under the guidance of professional hearing aid technicians Hearing aid .In addition, the elderly with mixed deafness and neurological deafness have poor sound resolution. In addition to using high-definition hearing aids with special circuits, they also need a certain training process.

2. The volume gradually increases after getting used to it

Elderly people just wearing hearing aids should not adjust the sound too loudly.Hearing aids can amplify all sounds. The elderly with hearing loss live in a “quiet environment” for a long time, and suddenly hear various sounds from the outside world will be very uncomfortable, bored, and even resisted.Therefore, the volume of the elderly wearing hearing aids should be moderately reduced at the beginning, and then gradually increased after getting used to it.

3. First adapt time from short to long

The elderly have a certain period of adaptation to wearing hearing aids.There is a difference between the sound heard by wearing hearing aids in the initial stage and the sound heard by the original hearing. Therefore, it takes 1 to 3 months for the elderly to wear hearing aids for an adaptation period.During the adaptation period, the wearing time of hearing aids should not be too long, just a few minutes each time, and gradually extend the time after the ears get used to it.

4. The environment changes from quiet to noisy

Because the elderly are in a “quiet environment” for a long time, the noisy environment at the beginning of wearing hearing aids will make the elderly feel uncomfortable.Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly should not rush to the busy city after wearing hearing aids. First listen to some simple sounds, such as birdsong and water sounds, and then watch TV, listen to the radio and other complex hearing activities after their adaptability is strengthened.

Precautions for the elderly to wear hearing aids
1. For newly-occurring presbycusis, don’t rush to wear it Hearing aid , After a period of clinical treatment, if there is still no improvement, then consider wearing a hearing aid.Wearing hearing aids too early may aggravate deafness due to strong sound stimulation.
2. Presbycusis, the degree of deafness in both ears is often inconsistent.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to wear hearing aids in both ears, in order to achieve harmony in both ears as much as possible to reduce fatigue.If you wear one ear, wear it on the side with better hearing, so you can get the best listening effect.
3. There is an adaptation period for the elderly to wear hearing aids, which is about three to five months.During the adaptation period, the volume of the hearing aid should not be turned on as much as possible. At the beginning, the wearing time may not be too long. A few hours a day, gradually increase until you get used to it.

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