These lifestyle habits can reduce tinnitus symptoms?

The appearance of tinnitus is sometimes continuous and sometimes intermittent. It is not easy to attract people’s attention when it is mild, and it is disturbing when it is severe.Certain physiological actions, such as chewing, breathing, and swallowing, can produce sounds, but this should not be regarded as tinnitus.

1. The clinical manifestations of tinnitus are pulsatile tinnitus (patients describe tinnitus as swishes, clicks, or taps consistent with the heartbeat, and place a stethoscope on the patient’s temple or ears. Such pulsatile tinnitus can often be heard) And non-pulsatile tinnitus (more common, it is a continuous and steady noise, such as the buzzing, cricket, bell, or motorcycle described by the patient)

2. If only one side tinnitus occurs, the lesions are mostly in the sound transmission organs.If bilateral tinnitus has no other symptoms, it should be considered as an early sign of certain diseases, such as Early arteriosclerosis, early manifestations of presbycusis, etc.Transient tinnitus often means that the disease is mild, is intermittent or fluctuating tinnitus of variable intensity, and is accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

3. Causes of tinnitus

There are various manifestations of tinnitus, some are on one side, some are on both sides; some appear intermittently, some continue non-stop; the lighter may feel tinnitus when it is quiet, and the severer may feel noisy and uneasy when in a busy city.

4. Once the symptoms of tinnitus appear, it indicates that you are already in danger of deafness, and you must relieve it in time.Yu Nong’s Qing Er is very effective for tinnitus and deafness.

Precautions for reducing tinnitus

1. Guaranteed sleep: guarantee 11 hours of sleep from 5 o’clock at night to 6 o’clock in the morning, and guarantee the quality of sleep.

2. Avoid noise: stay away from noisy environments, or wear protective earmuffs, earplugs, and try not to use the Walkman headset for a long time and at high volume.

3. Avoid quietness: tinnitus is most obvious when quiet, and the sensitivity of the brain increases.When you can perceive tinnitus, divert your attention from the tinnitus, or increase the background sound (listen to the sounds of nature, and adjust the volume to just not feel the tinnitus).

4. Prohibition of liquor: try to keep a drop of liquor free, and drink red wine in moderation.

5. Mental tension and fatigue: appropriately slow down the pace of work and relax emotions.

6. Special drugs: When you see a doctor for other diseases, please don’t forget to tell your receiving physician that you have tinnitus, because some drugs can aggravate your existing tinnitus symptoms.

Dietary advice for tinnitus patients

1. Reduce fat intake: Eat less fat-rich foods such as various animal organs, fatty meat, butter, egg yolks, caviar, and fried foods.

2. Eat more iron-rich foods: seaweed contains more iron, as well as shrimp skins, jellyfish skins, black sesame seeds, day lily, black fungus, amaranth, coriander, fungus vegetables, and soy products.

3. Eat more zinc-containing foods: such as fish, beef, chicken, eggs, various seafood, apples, oranges, walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, radishes, etc.

4. Eat foods that have the effect of invigorating blood: black fungus, leeks, red wine, yellow wine, etc. can be eaten frequently.

5. Develop the habit of drinking milk.

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