Hearing aids are the best.

Experts point out that people’s hearing is very delicate, and the number of hair cells in the cochlea that feel the sound is already set at birth, and one damage is one less, which is irreversible.In our lifetime, from infants to the elderly, hair cells that perceive sound may be damaged or withered due to different reasons, causing hearing loss, and even deafness.What are the reasons that may “steal” your hearing? What mistakes in daily life may cause irreversible hearing damage?

As they grow older, older friends usually suffer from hearing loss.Presbycusis is sensorineural deafness, which cannot be treated with drugs. The only correct solution is to wear suitable Hearing aid .

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Hearing impairment is the patent of the elderly
In many people’s minds, hearing loss and deafness are diseases that only the elderly get. “Actually, it is a misunderstanding.” Hearingbao experts said that hearing disabilities are not a patent for the elderly.Some researchers have observed that XNUMX- or XNUMX-year-olds in the African jungle have very good hearing. Why? The reason is that he is rarely polluted by noise during his life.
Clinically, in addition to presbycusis, sudden deafness is more and more common among young adults.Especially for elites in their early 40s, chronic stress, poor sleep, mental stress, and overwork are common causes.Among young people, noise-induced hearing loss caused by long-term loud listening to headphones has also become more common.Even as young as childhood, common diseases such as secretory otitis media and adenoid hypertrophy can also cause a child’s hearing loss.It has been clinically found that some breast-feeding babies are susceptible to otitis media. The doctor asked carefully and found that the mother takes the supine position when breastfeeding the baby. When the baby eats too much, too quickly, and choking occurs, the milk may enter the middle ear and cause inflammation. .The proliferative body (also called adenoid) in the nasopharyngeal part of the child may increase due to inflammation, which makes the eustachian tube that opens in the vicinity prone to infection, swelling and blockage, leading to otitis media.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: It does not matter if the deafness of the elderly is cured

Around us, it is not uncommon for the elderly to suffer from hearing loss or even obvious deafness.Many people think that this is because of old age, body aging is reflected in the normal performance of hearing, which can not be restored, so it does not matter whether it is treated or not.
Aging is a natural law, so far it cannot be reversed.Hearingbao experts say that hearing loss may occur after the age of 45, and the degree of hearing loss may continue to decrease with age.This process is generally silent and gradual. It may not affect communication with others in a short time, so it is difficult to arouse vigilance.He reminded that even if it is diagnosed with presbycusis, drugs such as nutrient nerves and circulation improvement can be taken to delay the aging process of the hearing apparatus, and try to avoid noise exposure, do not use ototoxic drugs, and refrain from eating foods that cause blood lipids and blood sugar. .
You must take the elderly to buy hearing aids

Experts remind you,Don’t buy it for the elderly alone Hearing aid .Because hearing aids are not ordinary products, they need to be professionally selected to help the elderly. You need to take the elderly to test the hearing before you can choose a suitable hearing aid, so the elderly must go in person.
In life, many younger generations bought hearing aids for the elderly themselves, but the elderly did not use them properly and did not achieve the results, which wasted money.The selection of hearing aids must take the elderly to a formal medical institution, rehabilitation institution and fitting institution.It is necessary to listen to the advice of professional opticians and let the elderly try on hearing aids.In the selection of hearing aids, in addition to meeting the current hearing needs, it should also be considered that as the age continues to increase, there is the possibility of further decline in hearing, and a certain margin should be considered in the power selection of hearing aids.
Hearing aids are not as expensive as possible
At present, there are many brands of hearing aids, both domestic and foreign. The cheap ones are several hundred yuan, and the expensive ones are tens of thousands. Many people think that the more expensive the better, the better the quality.Each type of hearing aid has a different adaptation to the population. There is no best product, only the product that is most suitable for you. It is a misunderstanding that the more expensive hearing aids are better.Experts suggest that for the choice of hearing aids, you should shop around to find the most suitable product for you. It is recommended to buy a regular large manufacturer, because hearing aids require after-sales repair and maintenance after use, and large manufacturers are more secure in these aspects.The hearing aids used by the elderly will not cause hearing loss. If the hearing aids are not used without hearing aids, it will cause the hearing loss of the elderly.
There is an adaptation period for hearing aids

The use of hearing aids has a certain adaptation time, which is especially obvious for people who choose hearing aids for the first time.When wearing a hearing aid for the first time, the elderly should understand that there is an adaptation process for using a hearing aid, which usually takes 1-3 months.During this period, keep in touch with the fitter and adjust the settings of the hearing aids in time.In the first few days when the elderly wear a hearing aid, the wearing time should not exceed 3 hours. When you feel tired, you should remove the hearing aid and rest for a few hours, and then gradually extend the wearing time.During the first few weeks of wearing hearing aids, do not go to noisy places, such as supermarkets or airports.During the adaptation period, let the elderly slowly adapt themselves to the sound of the surrounding environment.

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