Five kinds of behaviors are easy to make the baby’s hearing impaired

The ear is a relatively fragile organ, especially the baby’s ears, which must be well protected, because a little carelessness will affect the baby’s hearing.However, many expectant mothers do not necessarily pay attention to how to protect the baby’s hearing and often harm the baby unknowingly. The Chinese hearing aid reminds expectant mothers that the following five behaviors must be vigilant to prevent the baby’s hearing from being damaged.

XNUMX. Ear disease and trauma caused by carelessness

Usually the baby will have otitis media due to colds, incorrect breastfeeding posture and other reasons. In severe cases, it will affect the hearing; sometimes the baby is naughty, and the parents slap the baby on the impulse, or accidentally hit the ears, which may also cause the tympanic membrane to rupture. hearing.

Tips: Strengthen the baby’s resistance to avoid catching a cold; mothers should pay attention to the posture when breastfeeding to prevent milk from flowing into the baby’s ear canal; when the baby is naughty, parents should never pull the baby’s ears, let alone hit the parts near the ears .

XNUMX. To keep the ears clean, dig earwax for the baby frequently

In order to keep the inside of the baby’s ears clean, some parents will blindly dig in the baby’s ears with long fingernails or small hairpins.At this time, as long as a slight negligence or accidental collision, it will cause damage to the tympanic membrane deep in the baby’s ear canal, making the outer ear and the middle ear cavity directly communicate.At this time, bacteria are easy to take advantage of the deficiency, cause infection, and damage the baby’s hearing.

Tips: Parents do not need to dig earwax for their babies frequently.Keep your baby’s ears clean. You can simply wipe the outer ears with a wet towel. Under normal circumstances, the earwax will come off by itself.If the baby’s earwax is so much that it affects his hearing, it is better and safer to take him to the hospital for an ENT doctor to deal with it.

Three, casually buy sounding toys for your baby

Nowadays, many parents, relatives and friends like to buy sound-producing toys for their babies to play, because these kinds of toys tend to attract babies more than ordinary toys.However, many of the sound-producing toys are too loud and become noise. If they are placed in front of the baby for a long time, it may cause permanent damage to the baby’s hearing.

Tips: When buying a sounding toy for your baby, try to choose a toy that can adjust the volume, and pay attention to buying a quality-assured sounding toy produced by a regular manufacturer.After you buy it, even if it is a toy with an adjustable volume, you must control the baby’s playing time.

Four, prenatal care with close and loud music during pregnancy

Some expectant mothers bought a lot of prenatal music tapes in order to cultivate the baby’s music cells during the fetal period, and turned on the volume of the tape recorder every day to listen. Sometimes they even put the tape recorder directly on the belly, thinking that this would make the fetus hear more clearly .After the baby was born, it was discovered after a hearing test in the hospital that the baby’s auditory nerve had been damaged during the fetal period.

Tips: Music prenatal education is good for the fetus, but because the fetal brain and nerve development are very delicate, expectant mothers must correctly choose prenatal education music and control the volume.Music prenatal education should start after the fetus is 3 months old, and should be carried out in a larger space environment; the tape recorder or speaker should not be too close to the fetus, and the volume should be moderate; choose light music with a soft and soothing rhythm, such as Mozart’s “String Serenade”, “Dual Piano Sonata”, avoid stimulating music such as symphony, rock and disco music.

XNUMX. Noisy living environment

The living environment around the baby is too noisy. For example, the baby’s home is facing the street and there is a lot of traffic every day, but the parents have not installed the necessary sound insulation measures; the neighbor’s house is decorating the house, and the harsh electric drill sounds are heard from time to time, and the parents have not protected the baby’s ears in time; Parents like to watch TV with their baby in their arms, and turn on the volume very loudly. Over time, the baby’s hearing will be damaged.

Tips: Keep your baby away from being in a noisy environment for a long time, and avoid common noise pollution sources in life, such as TV, stereo, machine sound, etc.If it is a house facing the street, replace the baby’s room with better-sealed windows and doors; when the neighbor’s house is decorating, it is best to wear earplugs to protect the baby’s ears to avoid high-decibel noise damage.

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