The pros and cons of multi-channel hearing aids

When we talk about hearing aids, we often mention “channels” and “frequency bands.”Some people are excited when hearing aids have dozens of channels, and some people are confused about these two terms.So, do you know how many channels are the best for hearing aids?Do you know the difference between “channel” and “frequency band”?Today, let’s listen to what foreign listening websites say.

The problem comes again.Is the more channels for hearing aids, the better?Don’t worry,Let’s first talk about the advantages of multi-channel.

The voice is muddy:

Just as too many TV channels can make people picky, too many hearing aid channels can make the sound mixed.Because too many channels are processing sound, the clarity of a single sound will be diluted instead.Even if the sound is loud enough, if you can’t distinguish the pronunciation of “th” and “z” (because the author is an American, the English pronunciation is used as an example), then the louder sound is useless.

Facts have proved that as long as hearing aids have more than 8 channels, most people can no longer distinguish the difference in processing sound.Everyone’s hearing is different. Some people can distinguish the processed sounds of 6-15 channels, and some people can’t hear the difference at all.How do you judge that you are the person who is more sensitive to the number of channels?The way is to ask the medical professional to give you a trial period, and adjust it while wearing it according to the place of use. After all, the listening experience in the office and in the inspection room is different.

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