Matters needing attention in the use of hearing aids in daily life

Hearing aids are electronic products. In daily use, you need to pay attention to:Anti-moisture, anti-collision, regular cleaning and regular maintenance.

It is important to keep hearing aids clean and dry at all times.Remove the hearing aid when washing hair, face, bath or swimming; use the electronic drying box to dry regularly in the hot summer and cold winter Hearing aid , To prevent hearing aids from getting wet.If you accidentally get your hearing aids wet, cut off the power and dry them in time and place them in a drying box or electronic treasure. Do not use fire roasting, high-temperature drying, microwave ovens, etc.;

If the hearing aid is equipped with a volume knob, you can use it to adjust the volume or switch Hearing aid .If the hearing aid is not equipped with a volume knob, insert the battery, close the battery door to start the hearing aid, and open the battery door to close the hearing aid.
Open the battery door if the hearing aid is not used at night, and remove the battery when the hearing aid is not used for a long time to prevent battery leakage from corroding the hearing aid.
When the hearing aid is turned on, it will make a “squeaking” whistling sound, especially when the hearing aid is taken out or put in.Howling is often caused by the amplified sound being reflected by the hand or other objects and then entering the microphone again.When the hand or reflector is removed, the howling should stop. If there is a continuous howling, you should consult the professional hearing aid selection personnel.
It is best to sit on a soft place such as a sofa or bed when taking the hearing aids to prevent the hearing aids from falling off; go to the fitting center regularly for routine maintenance.Custom hearing aids are small in size and should be placed in a dry box or packaging box when not wearing hearing aids to prevent loss.

Custom hearing aids are small and easy to lose.It is a good habit for users to put the removed hearing aids into a fixed container (usually a special packaging bag or box for hearing aids) and place it in a fixed place immediately.In order to avoid being lost due to random placement, causing inconvenience and unnecessary economic loss.

Keep the microphone and sound channel open, and often clean up the earwax, dirt and water accumulated in the earplugs or ear mold ducts.

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