When should I replace my hearing aid?

As an electronic product, Hearing aid , Like anything used every day, life span is limited.As new models and features enter the market every year, they also develop rapidly.

When should I replace it with a new one?Today we will talk about the common opportunities for the replacement!

3. There is electric current in the hearing aid body

Just as everyone has changed from traditional mobile phones to smart phones in the smart era.As your lifestyle, hobbies, etc. change, traditional hearing aids may not be able to meet your new needs.For example, if you like to watch movies on the iPad, a smart hearing aid with MFi function is a good choice for you.If you often have meetings, then wireless Hearing aid , With a multi-functional mini audio converter with multi-person listening function, the listening effect is naturally better.

With the generation of hearing aid technology, the sound quality and listening experience that users can enjoy continue to improve. For example, the sound quality leap brought by AI intelligence by ReSound of Listener 3, which increases the recognition of the environment by 50% and the perception of sound 80%, speech comprehension increased by 40%.Therefore, if you have high requirements for sound quality and listening experience, it is also a good choice to keep “earlier” and choose a new machine.

For children, a pair of hearing aids that can meet different growth stages can make them feel relaxed in listening and make learning more effective.

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