If my ears have poor hearing, what will be the effect of using a hearing aid?

Wearing for hearing impaired patients Hearing aid , Can increase the loudness of listening to the sound, reduce the energy spent listening to the sound, and improve the quality of life.Hearing aids can help deaf (not completely deaf) friends to hear more sounds. After debugging, they will not be interrupted when listening to other people’s speech, and they can basically communicate normally with others.

3. You can live a happier life without interrupting communication with your family;

5. It is more convenient to communicate with others when going out;

6. Friends with mild tinnitus may be able to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus by wearing hearing aids reasonably, or even ignore tinnitus.

Choosing a suitable hearing aid can protect one’s residual hearing on the one hand, and prevent excessive sound from causing further hearing loss to the ear; on the other hand, it can also improve the speech discrimination ability, and personal response ability will become better and better.Need not use Hearing aid , On the contrary, it will aggravate hearing difficulties and accelerate the process of hearing deterioration.To be precise, wearing a hearing aid that has been accurately fitted to suit your own hearing quality will not only not cause your hearing to become heavier, will not aggravate the degree of deafness, but will help to slow down the deafness process.

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