Wearing a hearing aid can only hear 30% of speech, do I still need to wear a phone?

If the speech resolution is 30%, the effect of wearing a hearing aid will be very poor, but wearing a hearing aid can hear more sounds, this is for sure, this situation can only be combined with lip reading, and the effect may be better. After all There is still residual hearing. Try to wear a hearing aid to listen to more sounds, but don’t have too high expectations, because after all, if the speech resolution is too poor, sometimes you can only hear the sound, which is unclear or unintelligible. The content of the speech.

The test of speech resolution often uses a set of words (or sentences) whose test tone is close to normal speech, and the intensity is usually 50-70DB SPL. 25 or more words are given in the sound field to observe how much the subject can repeat accurately Words to calculate the speech resolution score.

Resolution>90%: the matching is easy to succeed, and the result is satisfactory;
Resolution 70%-90%: Hearing aids can significantly change the communication ability;
Resolution 50%-70%: Hearing aids can partially improve the discrimination ability, and the effect is acceptable;
If the resolution is less than 50%, the effect of hearing aids is not ideal. Even the top-level hearing aids are very limited for the wearer in terms of communication. The expected value after wearing must be reasonable and not too high.

To make it easier for hearing patients to hear sound, even if hearing patients with less residual hearing, wear Hearing aid , The sound can be heard through the amplification of the hearing aid, but it is not easy to be able to understand the sound.

We often say that we have to listen first, then understand clearly, and finally understand.Being able to hear clearly is the key to understanding the language. On the basis of listening clearly, it is necessary to go through training and learning to truly understand the language.Many hearing patients can only hear a certain part of the normal language because they cannot hear the sound for a long time.

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