Is ear inflammation related to wearing hearing aids?

If your ears are inflamed, or are draining pus, we suggest you not to wear them at this time. Hearing aid .

Because at this time, keeping the ear ventilated will help the recovery of inflammation.At the same time, if you wear a hearing aid at this time, one is unfavorable inflammation, and the other is that pus may penetrate into the hearing aid and corrode Hearing aid .Therefore, it is recommended not to wear a hearing aid at this time, and to wear it after the inflammation is over.

Generally speaking, wearing hearing aids will not cause ear inflammation, but when the patient is in an unhealthy state such as a cold or poor body resistance, the environment in the ear canal changes after wearing the hearing aid, which sometimes induces ear inflammation. At this time, we don’t have to worry, we should take off the hearing aid and continue using it after the inflammation is completely cured.A very small number of users have sensitive ear canal skin and are allergic to hearing aid materials. Whilst Ear Hearing hearing aids are made of anti-allergic materials to avoid this situation, but such users are also reminded to minimize wearing time.


Usually wear hearing aids, pay attention to keeping the ear canal hygiene, clean the ear canal with a cotton swab every morning, then put on the hearing aids, the hearing aids should be cleaned regularly.

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