Is it necessary for the elderly to wear hearing aids every day?What should I pay attention to?

Hearing aid (Hearing Aid) is a tool, equipment, device, and instrument that helps people with hearing disabilities improve their hearing impairment and improve their ability to communicate and communicate with others.So, who is suitable to bring Hearing aid ?What should I pay attention to when wearing? Mastering new hearing aid methods and successfully using hearing aids early can help you develop good listening habits, and play a better hearing effect to protect your residual hearing.

In the process of fitting hearing aids, the elderly should usually pay attention to the following points.

1. For the newly-occurring presbycusis, don’t rush to wear a hearing aid. You must go through a period of clinical treatment. If there is still no improvement, consider wearing a hearing aid.Wearing hearing aids too early may aggravate deafness due to strong sound stimulation.

2. Before fitting a hearing aid, a professional doctor must conduct a comprehensive examination, and choose a suitable hearing aid according to the degree of hearing loss.Don’t buy and wear it by yourself, so as not to damage the remaining hearing.

3. Presbycusis, the degree of deafness in both ears is often inconsistent.Under normal circumstances, the hearing aid should be worn on the side with poor hearing so that the other ear can still hear the sounds of nature, so that the hearing of both ears is as harmonious and consistent as possible.If one ear is moderately deaf and the other ear has reached severe deafness, it should be worn on the side with better hearing so that the best listening effect can be obtained.For moderate to severe deafness with the same degree of deafness in both ears, it is advisable to wear them alternately to reduce fatigue.

4. There is an adaptation period for the elderly to wear hearing aids, which is about three to five months.During the adaptation period, the volume of the hearing aid should be turned down as much as possible. At the beginning, the wearing time should not be too long, just a few minutes each time, and then gradually increase.

What should I pay attention to when wearing?Do not expose hearing aids to violent heat, avoid direct sunlight, and stay away from radiation.Never try to repair hearing aids yourself.Keep children or pets away from hearing aids.When the dog hears the feedback signal, it will be irritated.In addition, they will be attracted by the smell of the owner. When these two situations occur at the same time, it often leads to actions that damage the hearing aid.


After adapting to the hearing aid, you can wear it every day. You can hear more sounds and stimulate the auditory nerve, but it is not necessary. If your ears are tired, you can take it off and rest at any time. Pay attention to waterproof, fall-proof, regular maintenance, and listen. The bad timely debugging.

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