The old man is XNUMX years old. What price of hearing aid is recommended?

When choosing hearing aids for the elderly, they often care about the price. The price of hearing aids for the elderly is generally more expensive. The market price is more than XNUMX, and the prices of different brands will vary.Generally speaking, domestically produced ones will be cheaper.The elderly can choose what suits them according to their own needs and economic conditions Hearing aid .

What kind of old man suits Hearing aid ?
Fitting hearing aids is the main treatment measure for presbycusis and an important means to improve the hearing of deaf elderly people.However, hearing aids cannot be purchased and used at will, and must be strictly fitted before they can be worn.The choice of hearing aids for the elderly mainly depends on the hearing conditions of the elderly, the degree of loss and their own requirements for hearing aids and their mastery of the situation in which they are used.In terms of appearance, if the hearing loss of the elderly is not serious and there is not much requirement for appearance, but they just want to hear better, they can consider hearing aids with external receivers. Such machines are comfortable and convenient to wear.But if the elderly have severe hearing loss and want to look more beautiful, they can consider in-ear hearing aids.In the process of fitting hearing aids, the elderly should usually pay attention to the following 5 points:

1. Be sure to go to a specialized hearing center to find a professional hearing technician to test your hearing and adjust your hearing aids.Do not buy and wear them at random in stores or pharmacies, or choose hearing aids based on subjective feelings.

2. Have reasonable expectations.No matter how expensive a hearing aid is, it is not as good as your original ear, but it can help you overcome most of the difficulties.If your expectations are too high, it will inevitably lead to rejection of it, and you will not be able to get its help.
3. Pay attention to training during the adaptation period.When you just put on your hearing aids, you will feel that your surroundings are too noisy, many people can’t hear clearly, and you may hear some changes in tone. This is common.These discomforts can be overcome if you can follow the advice of professionals and carry out the training carefully during the adaptation period.

4. If conditions permit, hearing aids with more complete functions and better quality should be used as much as possible to receive better compensation effects.Know that hearing is essential to your quality of life.If hearing loss is not compensated, it will exacerbate aging and make you start social life prematurely.
5. Found itHearing loss, Should be checked as soon as possible, and fitted with a suitable hearing aid.The lighter the loss, the better the effect, even if it gradually declines in the future, it is easier to adjust.


Maintain optimism. When a person is emotional, the secretion of adrenaline increases, causing spasm in the small arteries of the inner ear, and the blood flow in the small blood vessels is slow, leading to blood flow disorders. Insufficient oxygen supply in the inner ear is prone to sudden deafness.Eat more foods rich in zinc, iron, and calcium, which can effectively expand the capillaries, thereby promoting blood supply to the inner ear and preventing hearing loss.

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