Does the hearing aid in the ear work well?

Hearing aids plugged in the ear belong to the ear canal type Hearing aid

What is inner ear Hearing aid

In-the-ear hearing aids (in-the-ear, ITE), also known as concha-chamber hearing aids.In-ear hearing aids are the earliest customized hearing aids developed and applied.It occupies the concha cavity and the concha boat. Anatomically speaking, it is also called a concha-type hearing aid.The shell is customized according to the shape of the ear concha cavity of the hearing impaired. The microphone, amplifier and earphone are all placed in the customized shell. No wires and hoses are required outside, and they can all be placed in the concha boat, concha cavity and external auditory canal. Inside, it is more concealed and light.The microphone entrance of this type of hearing aid is located on the outer side of the hearing aid, which is more in line with the natural position of human ears than the BTE hearing aid. The volume and panel area of ​​the in-ear hearing aid are relatively large, making the dual microphone technology easier to apply.

wearing performance:Compared with the smallest complete ear canal hearing aids in the past, it is about 20% to 30% smaller. It can be 90% invisible when viewed at 100 degrees from the side of the wearer. It also has a series of advantages in acoustics. It is the high-end hearing aid category. The product is mainly for people with hearing loss who have higher requirements for appearance and sound quality.

Hearing aids are tools, equipment, devices, and instruments that help people with hearing disabilities improve their hearing impairment and improve their ability to communicate and communicate with others.Broadly speaking, all kinds of devices that can effectively transmit sound to the ear can be regarded as a hearing aid. In a narrow sense, a hearing aid is an electro-acoustic amplifier, which amplifies the sound so that the deaf person cannot hear it. The sound of this device is a hearing aid.

Hearing aids can be divided into behind-the-ear hearing aids, in-ear hearing aids, ear canal hearing aids, full ear canal hearing aids, and 100% invisible hearing aids from the perspective of wearing position and shape.

Advantages of ear canal hearing aids (RIC)

The microphone and receiver of the traditional BTE device are integrated in the hearing aid, while the ear canal hearing aid (RIC) separates the receiver from the hearing aid host and puts it directly into the ear canal, connected by an external conduit with a special metal wire.Ear canal hearing aids (RIC) have the following advantages:

1) Naturally increase the gain and sound output, and the power is stronger, which can satisfy patients with severe hearing loss.
2) Smooth output frequency response curve, greater overall loudness, easy to achieve compensation goals, and more beautiful sound quality.
3) The frequency compensation range is wider (100~7000Hz), the frequency response range is better used, and the high frequency compensation is more.
4) The distance between the microphone and the receiver is longer, effectively eliminating acoustic feedback.
5) The receiver is closer to the tympanic membrane, and the sound is more natural and lifelike.
6) Reduce ear plugging effect (for ear molds, because the microphone and receiver are located farther away, larger vents can be used. For earplugs, you can choose open or semi-open earplugs).
7) The appearance is more compact, beautiful and concealed.

8Not easy to fall, convenient for work and activities.
9Convenient for hearing impaired people wearing glasses.
10More accustomed when answering the phone, still in the position of the ear canal, it looks more natural.

11)The auricle function is retained, and the sound gain of the auricle can reach 8dB, which reduces the requirement of hearing aid gain.


Varies from person to person,Ear canal hearing aid, Compact, easy to wear, not easy to fall, no sweat glands in the ear canal, and it is not easy to be corroded by sweat. The receiver is closer to the tympanic membrane, which sounds better, but for ear canal deformities, ear surgery, and otitis media customers It is not recommended to wear it.

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