Who are hearing aids suitable for?How to buy hearing aids?

Hearing aids should also include a power supply to drive the machine to work. Due to the different nature and different degrees of hearing impairment, the performance difference is also different, so the device volume adjustment, tone adjustment, maximum sound output adjustment, telephone pickup and other equipment, as well as OMT (off-microphone) -Telephone) Three-position switches are indispensable.In addition, there is a peak clipping (PC) or automatic gain control (AGC) device to suit the needs of patients with different degrees of deafness.Who are the hearing aids suitable for?

1. Age: There is no strict age limit for the use of hearing aids, which can be used from infants aged 3 months to elderly people aged 95 or above.Preschoolers should choose early Hearing aid , In order to facilitate language learning.
3. Sensorineural hearing loss: Sensorineural hearing loss without fluctuations in hearing for more than 3 months, such as congenital deafness and presbycusis hearing loss of more than 90dBHL, wearing hearing aids will reduce the effect of improving speech hearing, but it can Make the patient perceive certain warning signs, and at the same time help improve their ability to read and eliminate the patient’s loneliness.
4. Conductive or mixed deafness: Conductive deafness or mixed deafness has a hearing loss between 40 and 60dBHL, and the effect of wearing a hearing aid is good.Therefore, when patients with adhesive otitis media, otosclerosis, and chronic suppurative otitis media do not have the conditions for hearing reconstruction, they can choose appropriate Hearing aid .
5. Reinvigorating deafness: For deaf patients with reinvigorated or low speech recognition rate, hearing aids with automatic gain control, large output limitation or full dynamic compression should be selected to improve the patient’s environmental adaptability and speech hearing, and protect The patient’s existing hearing.

There are two types of people who should be fitted sooner rather than later:
One is children, they need to use it to learn languages.Congenital deafness can be worn after 6 months, and early intervention is of great significance to the use of residual hearing to develop speaking ability.The other is the elderly, who are deaf, and should be used as soon as possible.Because presbycusis will gradually worsen with age, it will be used sooner or later, and early use can slow down the process of hearing deterioration.

The following aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a hearing aid:

XNUMX. The hearing impaired patient’s ownHearing loss

1. The degree of hearing loss.
Generally, patients with hearing loss within 80dB can choose ordinary power hearing aids, patients with hearing loss within 80-90dB can choose high-power hearing aids, and patients with hearing loss above 90dB can choose super-power hearing aids.If the power of a hearing aid is too low, the hearing impaired patients will feel that the sound is too small and can’t hear clearly. If the power is too high, the price of the hearing aid will increase.

2. The smoothness of the audiogram.
Language is made up of sounds of different frequencies. For patients with hearing loss, the degree of loss at different frequencies is often different.The flatter the hearing curve, the better the effect of wearing hearing aids.For the kind of hearing patients whose hearing curve is not flat, we can increase the channel of the hearing aid to solve it.The channel of the hearing aid divides the sound frequency into several parts, and adjusts the hearing curve in several small parts, so that all the frequency sounds can be brought into the normal range first. As the channel increases, the effect of noise processing will be Getting better and better.

XNUMX. Speech recognition ability of hearing impaired patients
Speech recognition ability is the foundation of wearing hearing aids.Hearing aids can only help you hear the sound, and understanding what the sound means depends on the speech recognition ability of the brain.The recognition ability is high, and the functions of the hearing aid can be exerted better, and the hearing aid effect after wearing is more obvious.

XNUMX. Expectations of hearing impaired patients
Hearing aids, as the name suggests, are to help the hearing impaired patients to hear, not to replace the hearing impaired patients’ ears.Some hearing impaired patients require hearing aids to reach the level of hearing before deafness, which is unrealistic.Although with the development of science and technology, hearing aids have more and more functions and the technical level is getting higher and higher, hearing aids are only artificial hearing aids, and some distortion and noise will inevitably occur.After wearing a hearing aid, there must be a process of adaptation whether it is psychological or physical.Wear it every day and encourage yourself to wear it. Slowly extend the wearing time. The time to remove the hearing aid is getting shorter and shorter. After a few weeks, you can wear the hearing aid for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

XNUMX. The financial situation of hearing impaired patients
Hearing impaired patients always require hearing aids with good performance and low price when choosing hearing aids.When choosing a hearing aid, it is not that the higher the price, the better the effect, but the more suitable for you, the better the effect. Don’t blindly pursue high-priced hearing aids.The fitter should make a reasonable selection according to the different needs of each patient.When economic conditions permit, binaural options are available.The advantages of binaural matching are as follows: ①Maintain the balance of hearing, distinguish the sound direction, distinguish the sound level, which is helpful to improve the sound source localization ability ②Improve the signal-to-noise ratio, improve the speech resolution, and help the hearing impaired to hear clearly under background noise Sound, listening to the sound is more natural and more comfortable ③Improve the phenomenon of hearing deprivation and protect the residual hearing ④Eliminate the head shadow effect ⑤Increase the sound loudness, the binaural hearing fusion ⑥Reduce the reverberation effect and mask the tinnitus.

Five, the shape of the hearing aid
When economic conditions, comfort, and power are all satisfied, wear a customized machine as much as possible (customized machines are divided into in-ear machine ITE, ear canal machine ITC, deep ear canal machine CIC, and full invisible machine MICRO CIC) Its main Features are: 1) Make full use of the physiological functions of the human ear, use the auricle to collect more high-frequency sounds, make the sound clear, and improve speech recognition; 2) Beautiful, concealed, and avoid psychological obstacles; 3) Convenient and free from movement restrictions ; 4) Convenient to answer the phone.When the hearing patient’s hearing exceeds 110dbHL, the BTE machine should be considered when the power of the customized machine cannot satisfy the patient.Some hearing-impaired patients are particularly sensitive to external things. Wearing an in-ear machine, ear canal machine or deep ear canal may have a plugging effect, especially low-frequency loss. Hearing with severe high-frequency loss is more likely to have a plugging effect. You can choose a moda or moxi machine, or you can choose a MICRO CIC custom machine, so that the ear plugging effect will be minimized.

Please Note
Regardless of unilateral or bilateral hearing loss, conductive or sensorineural hearing loss, as long as the hearing loss is sufficient to affect daily conversation and cannot be corrected by medical or surgical methods, a hearing aid is required.

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