My parents are old and have hearing loss. What price is recommended for hearing aids?

One day, a man came to the hearing aid fitting center for consultation; as soon as he walked in, he asked: “I want to buy a hearing aid for the elderly at home, can I recommend it?”
In the face of this problem, we must always correct it: Don’t buy hearing aids casually. They need to be fitted. It’s best to bring them here.
In fact, it is not that simple to equip the elderly at home with hearing aids. There are some precautions that need to be taken seriously…

In addition to medical treatment, fitting hearing aids is the main treatment for presbycusis and an important means to improve the hearing of deaf elderly people.However, hearing aids cannot be purchased and used at will, and must be strictly fitted before they can be worn.In the process of fitting hearing aids, the elderly should usually pay attention to the following 5 points:

3. Just like optometry before wearing glasses, you must check your hearing before wearing a hearing aid, and you must choose the hearing aid according to the results of the hearing test to be accurate.In addition, when choosing hearing aids, you must go to regular medical institutions, rehabilitation institutions, and fitting institutions. Don’t just buy one and wear it. Otherwise, hearing aids will not only not compensate for hearing, but on the contrary, they will damage the original hearing. There are many examples of this. a lot of.

4. In order to better play the role of hearing aids, you must first make an ear mold according to your ear shape when fitting hearing aids.The ear mold can not only make the hearing aid comfortable to wear, but also improve the acoustic effect of the hearing aid, sometimes playing a role that the hearing aid itself cannot.

5. Just as we have to adapt to glasses and dentures, there is also an adaptation process for hearing aids.Just put on a hearing aid, you must first listen to some simple sounds in a quiet environment, such as the ticking of clocks, the sound of running water from a tap, the sound of your own footsteps, etc.; after a period of time, practice listening to your own voice and gradually transition to Listen to the conversations of a few people when they are together, listen to the sounds of the radio and the TV; finally, you can go to the public place with a complicated environment.Without this adaptation process, you would go to a noisy environment at the beginning, and the amplified complex sounds would enter your ears, which would feel very harsh, and you would lose trust and confidence in your hearing aids.

Some old people are inconvenient to go out and cannot go to the inspection and fitting center in person Hearing aid ; At present, some fitting centers provide on-site fitting services.Since hearing aids are successfully fitted, there are still several years of after-sales service. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose hearing aids at a fitting center close to home; however, if there is a fitting professional who is particularly good, it is a bit far away from home—some people I would still choose to match the machine with this better fitter.. Others say that a certain brand of hearing aid is good at a certain price. Is this good?The fact is not necessarily. Everyone’s hearing situation is different, their perception of sound is different, and their usual environment is different. Hearing aids suitable for oneself may be different.
See a doctor first after hearing loss, Don’t think that the hearing loss of the elderly is presbycusis and cannot be cured; in fact, some elderly people’s hearing loss can be cured by clinical treatment, such as the elderly with conductive deafness or sudden deafness.Elderly people with hearing loss should first go to the hospital to see an otologist (especially those who are suddenly deaf, should see a doctor as soon as possible), and do a comprehensive hearing and ear examination for their ears. After the diagnosis is confirmed, it can be determined whether they can be treated first or directly Hearing aids will do.

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