What kind of hearing aid is good for sensorineural deafness?

What is sensorineural hearing loss
The disease is located in the hair cells of the spiral organ, the auditory nerve or the auditory center at all levels. The perception of sound and the conduction of nerve impulses are impaired, and the hearing loss caused by the sensorineural deafness is called sensorineural hearing loss.Among them, hair cell disease caused by sensory deafness (cochlear deafness or end-organ deafness) often has a rejuvenation phenomenon, and the disease is located in the auditory nerve and its conduction pathway is called neurological (postcochlear deafness or later deafness) It is characterized by a significant drop in language recognition rate.Lesions that occur in the auditory center of the cerebral cortex are called central deafness, which is often accompanied by symptoms of the nervous system.

Hearing aid is an instrument that helps improve hearing. In fact, it is a small semiconductor loudspeaker. Its function can make the relatively weak sound be amplified and transmitted to the earphone, so that the part of the original hearing loss can be heard by the amplification effect.

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