In the case of poor hearing, can hearing aids be bought casually?Still need to match?

Optional hearing aids are the same as optional glasses. The ones that are suitable are the best. You can’t buy them casually, especially online shopping. Because hearing aids need regular maintenance and maintenance, only professional fitting centers will check your hearing. Circumstances, choose according to the situation Hearing aid , Regular maintenance after selection.

At present, the hearing aids on the market are mainly analog and digital, and the more popular is the digital, because this kind of hearing aids can be adjusted through the computer according to the patient’s hearing condition, so that the patient’s clarity and comfort are guaranteed.

Hearing impairments vary widely.Take presbycusis as an example, different types of deafness, different degrees of hearing damage, tinnitus, fear of loudness, hearing discrimination ability, etc., leading to different hearing loss, and different hearing loss needs to be unreasonable Hearing aid .In fact, even if it is a hearing impairment of the same nature and degree, each person’s feelings may be different, and the feelings are different, and the devilishness of hearing aids is different.
Hearing aids belong to the second category of medical devices.Be sure to have a professional hearing service center qualified as a tour guide for fitting!At present, the hearing aid industry in our country is mixed, and the quality of hearing aid fittings is difficult to guarantee. Some fitting personnel originally sell flowers and some sell clothing. They have not received formal training and education, so they can only say that they are selling hearing aids.Incorrect fitting of hearing aids will not only make users unclear, but may also damage their hearing, so hearing aids must be professionally fitted.

Hearing aids are one of the medical devices most dependent on service quality.In the hearing aid industry, in addition to the quality of hearing aids, the core value of competition is the strength of an optician.

Hearing aids are very dependent on after-sales service, because they require regular maintenance and maintenance. Hearing aids are used by almost all age groups. Isn’t it difficult for users to solve problems with such a small and sophisticated machine?Hearing institutions will provide users with free maintenance and maintenance services for hearing aids.Not only that, the hearing organization will also do some activities on a regular basis, giving away accessories such as hearing aid batteries for free, or asking audiologists to come to the user for consultation.

The US “Consumer Report” advises consumers on how to buy hearing aids, which mainly involves how to choose a qualified hearing aid monopoly or fitting specialist, such as requiring the fitting specialist to issue a qualification certificate and training certificate. Asking a hearing aid store to provide sales qualifications It is also recommended to give new hearing aids a suitable adaptation period; try to fully understand the knowledge of hearing aids; accept comprehensive and detailed hearing aid fitting tests and assessments, including ear-shaking tests and a series of follow-ups after fitting hearing aids.


If the sound of the hearing aid is too loud, it may damage the residual hearing, further aggravate the hearing loss, and may even damage the hearing nerve.In view of this, the matching of hearing aids must be professionally fitted by professionals before they can be worn safely; and only after the correct fitting can the role of hearing aids be truly brought into play.However, it is not only difficult to use hearing aids without experience to play the effect of hearing aids, but also may damage the residual hearing of the user, leading to more deafness as they wear them.

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