What is the reason why the elderly have poor hearing and can’t hear clearly even with hearing aids?

There are many types and models of hearing aids. First, choose the one that suits your hearing loss, and second, choose the type of hearing aid that is suitable for the elderly to operate.The most important thing is to choose and match in a regular hospital or fitting institution Hearing aid .The hearing loss of the elderly is a manifestation of physiological degeneration. Hearing loss is not necessarily related to whether or not to wear a hearing aid. Choosing a suitable hearing aid can delay the decline in speech discrimination. Once foundHearing loss, Only early matching can have better results.Secondly, it is best to talk to the elderly in a quiet environment, face to face, and at the same time slow down as much as possible to allow them to have a time to respond to the language.It is also necessary to maintain a healthy body, a happy mood, and a reasonable diet and daily habits.

Hearing aid is an auxiliary tool and cannot replace the function of human organs.Just like people wearing dentures and wearing glasses, they can only help people improve, and cannot reach or exceed their original functions. The same is true for hearing aids, which can help patients with hearing loss hear more clearly and communicate with others more conveniently, but Never reach the level of a good ear.

Deterioration of speech resolution in hearing-impaired patients
Some patients have had hearing loss for five years, ten years, or even decades without intervention and compensation. They usually rely on the other party to speak loudly, look at each other’s mouth or use words to communicate, and communicate with the outside world more and more. The less, even some patients do not directly communicate with the outside world.
The process of our communication through language is: collect sound through the outer ear, amplify the sound by the tympanic membrane and ossicular chain, and convert the sound signal into a bioelectric signal by the inner ear, which is then transmitted to the brain for analysis through the auditory nerve.
There is a saying that the more the brain is used, the more intelligent it becomes. If the brain is rarely exposed to verbal signals, the corresponding part of the function will be degraded.So many patients usually listen less and communicate less, so they suddenly wear Hearing aid , There may be audible but not understandable phenomenon.This phenomenon is similar to frequently using Pinyin for computer typing, and occasionally the embarrassment of lifting the pen and forgetting the character when writing on the manuscript paper.

Hearing aid debugging is also a very important reason
When fitting hearing aids, it is best to find an experienced and highly professional fitting technician for fitting and debugging. A good fitting technician may not be able to make a 1000 yuan hearing aid achieve the effect of 10000 yuan, but a little An inexperienced optician may make a 10000 yuan hearing aid less than a 1000 yuan hearing aid.

Wearing hearing aids requires a break-in period
As the saying goes: to understand is to accept.If you want to make the elderly change, you must let the elderly understand hearing aids.This requires family members and friends to do more psychological work for patients, to allow patients to change their views on hearing aids, and to let the elderly know that there are many benefits to wearing hearing aids, not only to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, but also to make the elderly respond faster.The elderly need the cooperation of family members and relatives to wear hearing aids. When the elderly just wear the hearing aids, the elderly will hear some environmental sounds that they could not hear before, such as the sound of running water at home, the rotating sound of kitchen exhaust fans, There are also the footsteps of family members walking back and forth, and the elderly will find it a bit messy, and they will say that the noise in the hearing aid is too loud and too noisy.Many elderly people will feel bored because of this. At this time, family members should tell the elderly that it is a good thing for him to hear sounds. It proves that his hearing has improved, and his unaccustomedness is only temporary, and he can adapt slowly. Encourage the elderly to go through the adjustment period.In addition to learning to listen, the elderly, relatives and friends who often come into contact with them, especially their spouses, must learn to talk to the elderly who have just put on hearing aids, just like talking to children:

1. Communicate with them face to face, slowly, with a normal speaking speed, and with clear pronunciation.
2. Minimize background noise and reduce the distance with the interlocutor.
3. Speak to the ear on the side of the hearing aid.
4. Normal speaking speed, intensity and standard and clear speech should become the language standard for communication.It has been proved that in various acoustic environments, appropriate speech intensity can get the highest speech comprehension.The “speech intensity” mentioned here will not refer to loud yelling.
5. When some elderly people still have to resort to lip reading after wearing hearing aids, they should choose a bright place when talking with them, their pronunciation and mouth shape should be as standard as possible, and reduce the expressions and expressions that are not complex with the content of the conversation. gesture.


In general, the hearing loss of the elderly is presbycusis, we call it neurological deafness. Their general status is that they can hear clearly in one-to-one speaking, and they are better in a quiet environment than in a noisy environment. It means that people can hear sounds for a long time but can’t hear what others are saying, so even if they are equipped with hearing aids, they will not immediately behave like normal people. He needs a process of adaptation and language training. This will increase with the time of wearing. The more and more the auditory system recovers, the better, so don’t give up just because you don’t see the effect just after wearing it, it will make you more and more deaf.

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