To what extent do elderly people who are deaf need to wear hearing aids?

Different people have different effects:

XNUMX. Hearing patients live in a “quiet environment” for a long time, and the sound heard by the new hearing aid is different from the sound heard by the original hearing. It needs a stage to adapt. In the initial stage, patience and learning are very important.

XNUMX. Part of the elderly with severe neurological deafness is at the same time as the hearing loss, the central nervous system is also declining. It will affect the analysis and coding of sound information to a certain extent, so that the sound can not be distinguished clearly, so it is necessary A process of training adaptation.

XNUMX. Generally speaking, matching high-fidelity hearing aids for both ears can maximize the language resolution.

Many elderly patients wear hearing aids for many years. At first they worked and helped a lot, but they have not worked well recently.The main reason for this is that the hearing loss of the elderly is a gradual process. When the hearing level drops to the extent that the hearing aid cannot compensate, it is necessary to consider adjusting the parameters of the hearing aid or replacing it. Hearing aid , In order to adapt to the new listening state.Of course, if the hearing loss of the elderly becomes more serious, the high frequencyHearing loss(Difficult to match Hearing aid ), or there is almost no residual hearing, and changing hearing aids does not help. Consider cochlear implantation.

Generally speaking, we find hearing loss, the sooner you choose a hearing aid, the better.
If there is no sound to stimulate the auditory nerve for a long time, hearing will gradually decline. Hearing loss will not hear the sound for a long time, and the speech resolution will gradually decline. This way, even if you wear a hearing aid to hear the sound in the future, you may not be able to hear what others are saying. Even if I wear a hearing aid that matches my hearing, the effect is not so ideal.

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