The elderly have poor hearing, what kind of hearing aid is appropriate?

my country has entered an aging society. According to data analysis, more than 30% of the elderly in my country have hearing impairment and speech communication impairment, and presbycusis has become a social problem.Improving the quality of life of the elderly through modern hearing aid facilities is a top priority.

Poor hearing triggers a chain reaction
Physiologically speaking, hearing will gradually decrease with age. Generally speaking, after 60 years of age, there will be varying degrees of deafness, but some people will experience deafness at the age of XNUMX or XNUMX.The problem is that some elderly people feel that they have been abandoned by their family members after they are deaf, which leads to depression.If you ignore it at this time, it will cause psychological trauma to the elderly.Experts suggest that once the hearing loss of the elderly is found, family members should promptly encourage and accompany the elderly to the hospital for treatment.Active treatment after finding out the cause.In fact, while hearing is weakened, the elderly’s ability to receive information from the outside world is also weakened.In addition, it can also cause language barriers in the elderly.Because the auditory and auditory language centers are both in the temporal lobe, and the auditory language center needs a sound auditory system conduction. When hearing is reduced, the auditory conduction decreases, and the information received by the auditory language center naturally decreases accordingly. This is what people often say “deaf dumb”.This long-term “incoordination” between the auditory and auditory language centers may lead to malfunctions in a specific area of ​​the brain, resulting in Alzheimer’s.Taking active measures can avoid or delay the occurrence and development of presbycusis.
When the elderly wear hearing aids and become accustomed to some sounds, they can wear hearing aids to go to the street, such as: go to the market to buy food, go to the supermarket, etc…, if the elderly feel too noisy when going to the street, it is recommended that the elderly do not go to the street for now. The old man’s hearing function has not been restored, and because of his hearing loss, the old man has not been in the habit of listening for a long time, so he should be reminded before talking to him.Try to slow down as much as possible, speak clearly, and train gradually so that the elderly can slowly recover their hearing function.The benefits of hearing aids for the elderly.

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