The old man brought a hearing aid and said what was going on with the headache?what to do?

At the beginning, you should wear it in a quiet environment for the first Monday to two hours, and then slowly add time and gradually wear it in a complex environment.

The headache and dizziness of the patient after wearing the hearing aid are mainly because the sound output by the hearing aid exceeds the patient’s discomfort threshold.

The discomfort zone of a normal person is 120~140dB SPL.The hearing dynamic range of patients with sensorineural hearing loss is narrowed, and their discomfort range is lower than normal.For the first time wearing a hearing aid, it usually takes four to five adjustments to make the sound reach the level required by the user.For the first week (or longer), that is, when the hearing aid is first worn, the sound of the hearing aid is relatively small. After wearing it for a period of time, increase the volume slightly, and gradually get used to it.After this process, not only will there be no headaches, but also will adapt quickly Hearing aid .The hearing dynamic range of patients with sexual deafness is narrowed, and their discomfort range is lower than normal.

Suggest:Before purchasing a hearing aid, you must find an optician from a professional organization to test your hearing curve, just like optometry before wearing glasses.Because the hearing curve of some elderly people may be just because the language frequency is not good, the rest is fine, just increase the language frequency, so that the noise heard will also be reduced.

Don’t worry if the elderly just brought hearing aids

Many customers who have just put on hearing aids will have a problem, that is, they have too high expectations for hearing aids, thinking that wearing hearing aids will achieve the effect of real ears, but will be disappointed in hearing aids.

When you start using hearing aids, you need to pay attention to two points:

Wearing a hearing aid requires an adaptation process. You must listen in a quiet environment first, and then you can listen to a noisy place after a month.

Although human hearing loss is a natural law, it is not impossible to delay the occurrence of presbycusis.Studies have found that most elderly people suffer from deafness due to their symptoms of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.Once the “three high” symptoms of the elderly are not well controlled, the blood vessels are easily damaged and the problem of arteriosclerosis occurs.If the arteries of the inner ear of the elderly harden, and the inner ear cannot get sufficient blood supply, the hearing will gradually deteriorate and eventually become deaf.There are also some elderly people who have a sudden stroke and also suffer from deafness.Therefore, it is very important to control one’s own “three highs” disease in order to be able to see clearly.Secondly, the elderly should be exposed to noise as little as possible. These noises can cause great hearing damage. Long-term exposure can also cause deafness, and some will suddenly deaf.In addition, presbycusis is also related to factors such as heavy drinking, smoking, and repeated use of ototoxic drugs.

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