Can people with hearing aids fly?

Hearing aids are the same for people with poor hearing as glasses are for people with poor eyesight. There is no rule that myopia cannot fly in an airplane.But if you are uncomfortable on the plane, you can take it offIn the smooth flight of the aircraft, the current data does not show that wearing hearing aids has adverse effects.Hearing aids can be taken on the plane, but it is recommended not to wear them during the flight.

It is recommended not to wear Hearing aid , To avoid the external auditory canal blockage caused by pressure changes inside and outside the tympanic membrane.On the other hand, even passengers without hearing aids should chew gum, do swallowing movements, or even pinch the nose to maintain a balance of internal and external pressure in the middle ear to avoid ear barotrauma.For infants and young children less than six months old, since the eustachian tube has not yet formed, it is more likely to cause negative pressure in the middle ear. Generally, it is not recommended to take an airplane. If you must take an airplane, you can give a bottle to suck when the airplane takes off to keep the eustachian. The tube is often opened in order to maintain a balance of pressure inside and outside the tympanic membrane.Experts say that both adults and children may experience aviation otitis media when flying in an airplane. This kind of damage is more likely to occur in the case of colds and inflammation of the Eustachian tube.

1. When the hearing impaired goes through the security check, it is best to inform the security check personnel of their hearing problems in time and wear hearing aids and other auxiliary equipment;

4. According to international security inspection practices, the hearing-impaired people do not need to remove hearing aids and other hearing aids during the security check. If the security personnel insist on removing it, it is best to explain to the person in charge on duty to avoid removing it as much as possible. Hearing aid , Because it may be lost or damaged due to confusion;

Because of communication problems, many hearing impaired friends seem to be more likely to have the above-mentioned things when traveling by plane than other disabled friends. It is definitely necessary for everyone to understand the way of complaining to ensure their legal rights, but unless the situation is very serious or true If it is difficult to communicate and resolve, you can take up legal weapons. Before that, you should seek help from around you to avoid misunderstandings. The gains outweigh the losses.Whether traveling or on business or other, hearing impaired friends, like all passengers, enjoy the services you have purchased, understand the relevant regulations before traveling, and promptly ask the relevant staff if there are reasonable needs, if you can’t meet them, seek them With the help of people, more communication can solve the problem better. Shenghuojun hopes that every journey of yours will be comfortable and happy!

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