Why do I hear different sounds in different places after wearing a hearing aid?

Many people feel this way. There is a big difference between the intelligibility of speech in the fitting room and the intelligibility of speech in the street. This is because the environmental noise interferes with speech, which makes hearing aids use. Although the person can hear the sound, he can’t hear the speech sound clearly.

The sound will be different when wearing a hearing aid in different environments. In a quiet environment, there is very little noise and you can clearly hear other people’s words. However, in a relatively noisy environment, if the noise is greater than the other person’s speaking voice, obviously it will not be very good. Hear clearly, then you need a good noise reduction effect Hearing aid , This is very important, of course the voice heard is different.Under normal circumstances, different hearing aids have the same effect in a quiet environment, but there will be great differences in other environments, such as the road, the windy environment, the chess room environment, the conversation environment in the car, and so on.

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