Can I still wear hearing aids after recurrence of otitis media?

Nowadays, more and more patients with poor hearing have adopted hearing aids to communicate with the outside world, but many people do not understand hearing aids, so there are many questions about hearing aids.

Can patients with otitis media use it? Hearing aid ?

What is otitis media?
Otitis media is an inflammatory disease that affects all or part of the middle ear (including the Eustachian tube, tympanum, tympanic sinus, and mastoid air chamber), and it is more common in children.If acute suppurative otitis media is not treated promptly and thoroughly, most of them may turn into chronic otitis media, and bacteria may repeatedly invade the middle ear cavity and cause recurrent otitis media.It often occurs in children under the age of 8, and also occurs in people of other age groups. It is often a painful complication caused by upper respiratory tract infections such as the common cold or throat infection.Common secretory otitis media, acute suppurative otitis media, cholesteatoma otitis media and air pressure injury otitis media.

At present, most of the hearing aids on the market have a behind-the-ear type and an in-ear type.Whether it is in-ear or traditional BTE hearing aids, the external auditory canal needs to be completely closed so that the sound can be better transmitted to the tympanic membrane. This easily causes bacteria to accumulate in the ear canal. Once the body’s resistance is reduced, it will lead to recurrence of otitis media.Broadband mini hearing aids can be worn with thin sound tubes and open earplugs. The appearance is small and concealed, and the wearing comfort is high. At the same time, air can circulate freely inside and outside the ear canal to prevent bacteria from accumulating in the ear canal, thereby reducing the possibility of recurrence of otitis media.

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