How to achieve the best wearing effect of children’s hearing aids?

Congenital hearing loss in infants and young children is a common birth defect. The incidence in newborns is about 0.1% to 0.3%. There are about 200 million hearing-impaired children in my country, and nearly 3 deaf children are newly added every year.Early detection and appropriate intervention can make the language development of children with hearing loss not or less impaired.Under the premise that neither medication nor surgical treatment can be relieved, the use of hearing aids to compensate hearing, so that the residual hearing of hearing-impaired children can reach a level that can clearly hear face-to-face conversations, is currently the most effective way to help children with hearing loss.

Unlike adults, children can fully cooperate and express their feelings accurately. Therefore, they have high requirements for fittings and machine adjustments, so the fitter must be extra cautious.As a parent, in the process, we must also figure out what are the steps before and after obtaining a hearing aid, what we need to cooperate and pay attention to, so that we can work together to finally get the child a suitable Ta Hearing aid , Get better hearing aid effect.

Hearing aid is suitable for single earHearing loss, Mild hearing loss, children with extremely severe hearing loss.The results of the study show that even mild hearing impairment can cause learning difficulties for children. Although children with extremely severe hearing loss cannot elicit ABR waves, it cannot be considered that the child has no residual hearing and loss of hearing is still helpful. Of course, such children can consider using cochlear implants. Children with hearing loss in both ears should wear both ears except in special circumstances. Hearing aid .

The fitting of children’s hearing aids is a systematic project as well as a long-term project.Due to the large differences between the auditory system’s development, mental state, vision, intelligence, and reaction ability, infants and young children’s hearing aids must rely on the cooperation of hearing aid technicians, parents and schools to achieve the desired results.Therefore, selecting, debugging and evaluating hearing aids for this type of population has always been a huge challenge.However, the current understanding of the fitting of children’s hearing aids is worrying.In particular, the following five typical misunderstandings, if they are not properly understood in time, will inevitably lead to misleading parents.

It is important to choose a suitable hearing aid for children by professional inspection
How to choose the right hearing aid for children?Professional fitting is very important!In the daily reception of hearing aid stores, we found that many parents buy hearing aids for their children. There is a phenomenon or misunderstanding: parents only buy the expensive ones or the ones that others use well!Here are a few tips to teach you how to choose the right hearing aid for children.

XNUMX. Understand the hearing test report
Children’s hearing test report, Lin Lin always has only a few things: acoustic impedance, auditory brainstem potential ABR, multi-frequency steady-state ASSR, (temporal bone) CT impact examination (showing the middle, inner ear and inner auditory canal) and so on.Hospitals generally only do these objective examinations. Generally speaking, these results must be converted into pure-tone hearing units: Hearing level analysis, they can only estimate residual hearing, and there is an error with real hearing loss (pure-tone behavioral hearing).For children who have not been able to complete pure tone audiometry, parents should avoid doing behavioral audiometry such as visual enhancement and multi-frequency steady state and choose to buy hearing aids!Before choosing a hearing aid, try to cooperate with the fitter to conduct a subjective behavioral test, combine the behavioral test results with ASSR, brainstem ABR and other reports to fully understand the child’s hearing loss and hearing quality.

Second, power supremacy and performance

Third, the choice of brand
Careful parents may notice that no matter which brand of hearing aid is selected, there are children with good results, and there are also children with poor results. In fact, the primary determinant of the effect of hearing aids in children is the child’s hearing and what causes it. Hearing loss, the hearing aid just amplifies the sound so that the child can hear the speech sound that is not heard (before wearing the hearing aid). This is what every brand can do, otherwise it cannot be called a hearing aid, that is to say In terms of single effect, as long as the power of hearing aids is suitable, there are almost no differences between hearing aids of various brands, but there are also some differences between different brands in design details, noise control concepts, product stability, waterproofness, and children’s ear hooks. These differences can hardly affect the effect, but it will be related to the comfort and the degree of difficulty in the later service. For example, a product with poor stability and waterproof performance will increase the probability of later maintenance, which will delay the child’s language training time.
In summary, when choosing a hearing aid brand, parents must not abandon their original hearing aids and chase after seeing that a certain child wears a certain hearing aid. This is extremely irrational.

Four, behind-the-ear hearing aid or in-ear hearing aid
Choose BTE hearing aids or in-ear hearing aids. The appearance of BTE hearing aids is large and easy to be found when worn on the ears. However, because the resonant sound tube is longer, better sound quality can be obtained, and the power is higher. Change ear molds in children Time does not affect children’s use.The customized machine is small and beautiful, but the relative power is relatively small. If the child is fitted, it will not take too long. Because the child’s ear canal grows up, it needs to be replaced. The hearing aid cannot be used during the replacement, so the parents and the fitting The teacher has some difficulties when choosing. Generally speaking, if the child is too young, less than 5 years old, the optional customized machine is too frequent to change the case, and it is not suitable to choose. In addition, if the family is not too concerned about the appearance, it is recommended to choose Behind-the-ear machine, using ear molds.If you want to use a customized machine, the age of the child should be a little older, and you can consider choosing when the ear canal changes not so fast.

Five, the details determine the effect
When choosing a child’s hearing aid, it is necessary to consider some details in the fitting. The details often determine the effect of the fitting.Ear molds are the most important point in many details. For example, children with good low frequency can be said to be lucky, so after choosing a suitable product, you must choose a suitable open ear mold to fully protect your child’s low frequency hearing and extend the child as much as possible. The low-frequency listening domain allows children to hear more real sounds, so as to achieve both comfort and safety.If the parents in smaller cities do not have such technical support, they should try their best to supervise the medical professional to make hard ear molds for children with better low frequency and open the stomata.There is one more detail to consider when choosing ear molds for children with severe high-frequency hearing loss. It is best to choose a reinforced ear mold sound tube to prevent the attenuation of the high-frequency compensation effect.Only when the details are fully considered can the compensation effect of hearing aids be brought into full play and help children walk out of life.

XNUMX. Hearing aid effect evaluation
If the child’s hearing aid is not evaluated when the hearing aid effect is selected, the child’s hearing compensation status: that is, whether he can hear clearly, how much he can hear, whether he can hear comfortably, whether the residual hearing will be damaged, etc. is not clear, so the hearing aid sold in this way Don’t buy it!Otherwise, parents will fall into: the effect of hearing aids is not ideal-replacement-language training effect is not ideal-cochlea-the cost of money, time and energy paid is incalculable, what really delays the child’s recovery is the gold Expect.

Seven, professional fitting is very important
An excellent optician with high skill and good character is far more important than the hearing aid itself!In addition to basic audiology knowledge, professional hearing aid fitting engineers must have hundreds of pediatric listening tests and fitting experiences.Whether the communication with the child is in place, whether the patience is enough, whether the explanation to the parents is popular enough, and whether the judgment is scientific enough.The best hearing aid effect is not only related to the quality of the hearing aid, but also mainly depends on the professional selection and adjustment of the hearing aid optician.The fitting requirements of children’s hearing aids are higher and more professional!

“Hearing” is a psychoacoustic process that can be qualitatively and quantitatively: on the basis of meeting other conditions, as the gain of the hearing aid increases, the hearing impaired children can hear more and more sounds (loudness) and clearer ( The signal-to-noise ratio is improved), and the sound range is getting wider (listening to the sound of various frequencies).It takes a certain amount of time to improve audibility, especially for children with severe hearing loss, who need continuous listening and practice to have a better effect.

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