Put on an in-ear hearing aid, which is always screaming and uncomfortable. What is going on?

Hearing aids are essentially a low-frequency amplifier, which can be used for playback with earphones. When the user uses earphones, it can improve the hearing of the elderly, and at the same time, it can bring convenience to the learning and memory of young people.The feeling of “plugging”, “distortion” and “uncomfortable” and “uncomfortable” affect the hearing of the sound.

Hearing aids are stuffy, blocked, and uncomfortable.The generation of ear plugging effect refers to the energy that should have been vented through the cartilage of the external auditory canal, but now it cannot be released due to the blocking of the hearing aid. Finally, the excess energy of the airway and bone conduction is superimposed together, which makes the hearing aid wearer feel the sound The most common complaint of users who are dull, shocked, echoed, and have a plugging effect is that they are dull when listening to their voices, and they feel like a bucket on their heads. Serious users will say they feel shocked and dizzy.

Why is your hearing aid uncomfortable to wear?

Generally, users whose low-frequency hearing threshold is less than 40 decibels are more prone to ear plugging.This is because the volume of the ear canal becomes smaller after the patient wears a hearing aid, and the sound of the hearing impaired is transmitted into the ear canal with the smaller volume of the skull vibration, resulting in low-frequency resonance, increasing the intensity of low-frequency sound, and teaching in schools for the deaf. Therefore, the patient feels that his voice becomes louder and his tone changes.

People who have just worn hearing aids need to have a gradual adaptation process. At the beginning, hearing aids can only be worn in a quiet environment. Generally, they can only be worn for one or two hours a day. A suitable hearing aid will not have side effects. Discomfort may also be caused by excessive loudness. You can go to the hearing aid fitting center at that time to find an optician to fix it.

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