Every hearing aid fitter is a person recognized by the country

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Issued the National Vocational Qualification Catalog

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the “Notice on the Publication of the National Vocational Qualification Catalogue”, which announced 140 national vocational qualifications.

In recent years, 434 professional qualifications, including psychologists, have been formally cancelled by the government, because these qualification exams are too watery and the phenomenon of spending money to buy certificates is very serious, and it is impossible to prove the true professional level.

Among the qualifications recognized by the state, vocational qualifications in the level evaluation category have higher professionalism and social versatility, and require higher technical skills.Hearing aid fitting specialists are qualified for level evaluation.

Hearing aid fitters have national professional qualifications!

With the cancellation of a large number of high-water vocational qualification examinations, the professional level certification of hearing aid fitters has been retained. It can be seen how professional and important the hearing aid fitting process is. The relevant national departments attach great importance to the regulation of the hearing aid market.

Hearing aids are not like electronic products on the Internet, which can be used immediately after purchase.Hearing aids belong to Class II medical devices, and the state implements a strict licensing system for services in this industry.选错 Hearing aid , It will have a bad influence on the hearing impaired.

The state expressly recommends that you go to a formal and professional hearing aid fitting center for fitting, which can not only fit you to the most suitable one Hearing aid , You can also enjoy high-quality services and protect your rights.

It is not easy to become a professionally qualified hearing aid fitter.

They have to pass numerous tests and accumulate a wealth of experience and knowledge, so that they can use professional equipment and software to select the most suitable hearing aid according to the hearing condition and psychological needs of the hearing impaired, and conduct high-quality effect evaluation and follow-up hearing rehabilitation services. .

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