Why do the opticians recommend wearing hearing aids in both ears?

10 reasons to wear hearing aids in both ears

1. Wear hearing aids in both ears to have a sense of direction.

Scientific research shows that the human auricle has different listening effects to sounds from different directions.The range of the sector from zero to 120 degrees directly in front of each ear is the best place for listening.Because of this feature, in the case of multiple sound sources, people can determine the exact direction of the sound source by turning the head and ears to feel the same sound volume and the time when the sound is transmitted to the brain. The situation with one ear is different.

The vast majority of hearing impaired people want to wear two.This is true even for users who are dissatisfied with existing hearing aids. 10. The experience of developed countries and regions has proved that it should be used with both ears Hearing aid .For example, more than 90% of hearing aid users in the United States, Canada and other European countries, and even in Taiwan, use binaural ears.In the first few milliseconds of the sound signal, it is very important for sound localization.Optional hearing aids for both ears can improve clarity.Most patients feel that in a noisy environment or in an echo condition, binaural listening is much clearer than single-ear listening. When people with similar speaking intensity want to hear a person’s voice clearly, both ears can The ability to integrate information.Hear better with both ears than with single ear.

Not all deaf people can wear both ears Hearing aid .It is not suitable to use binaural hearing aids in the following situations:
1. Hearing on one side is completely normal;
2. An ear developmental abnormality/recurrent thickening/diagnosed and proved that there is no hearing and can not be equipped with a hearing aid.Hearing lossWhen (or residual hearing) are not equal, the hearing aid effect of both ears may not be the same. The greater the loss gap, the greater the effect gap.Generally speaking, when the hearing loss difference between the two ears is greater than 40dB, the use of hearing aids for the poorer ears can only play an auxiliary role.Even so, the effect of wearing a binaural hearing aid is still much better than wearing a single ear.

On the premise of confirming that there are no other contraindications for matching, we must try our best to choose binaural fitting.Let our patients realize that it is better to wear a hearing aid than not to wear a hearing aid; it is better to wear it in the morning than to wear it at night; the overall effect of wearing it with two ears must be better than wearing it with one ear.

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