Why does it feel too noisy and uncomfortable to wear a hearing aid?

Many hearing aid users will respond that the hearing aid is very noisy and uncomfortable after wearing the hearing aid!Sometimes I even say that I will hear more clearly and feel better without wearing it!

Is the hearing aid option suitable?

First of all, it depends on what signal you wear Hearing aid , If it is an analog signal Hearing aid In a noisy environment, it will feel very noisy. This is normal, because hearing aids with analog signals are only suitable for wearing in a quiet environment.If it is a digital signal hearing aid, it needs to be adjusted according to the degree of hearing loss before being worn.If there is no problem with the adjustment of the hearing aid, what is the matter? The hearing aid is worn for the first time, and there is a process of adaptation.

Why adapt?

Because beforeHearing loss, There are many sounds in life that are inaudible or inaudible.For example: the sounds of birds, walking, and wind; many people with hearing loss can’t hear them. When they put on a hearing aid, they can hear these sounds all at once.Some people will feel noisy and uncomfortable.In this case, you have to adapt and learn these sounds again, because these sounds exist in the first place, and they are sounds that can be heard by normal human ears.You should not reject these sounds, but slowly adapt.

Therefore, the current opticians, for the first time wearing hearing aids, will tell them that they should wear them in a quiet environment in the early stage, wait about three weeks, and adapt, and then wear them in a relatively noisy environment. It will take some time to adapt.Everyone’s situation is different and the time to adapt is different, so patience is required.Just like your eyes in the dark suddenly find light, or suddenly turn on the light when you sleep, your eyes will feel uncomfortable.Just like wearing a hearing aid, if you suddenly hear some sounds that you can’t hear, you should learn and accept these sounds.

It is recommended that you must go to a professional hearing aid fitting agency to fit hearing aids, so that we can eliminate some of the reasons why hearing aids are noisy.

2. Hearing aid debugging problems, it is recommended to go to the local professional hearing aid store to choose a higher-level fitting technician for debugging, and adjust to the state that suits you;

6. Establish reasonable expectations, no matter how good a hearing aid is, it cannot reach the level of a good ear.

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